Bodyweight Beast Workout (Video)


Check out this awesome Bodyweight Beast Workout from my good friend and colleague Travis Stoetzel from his Bodyweight only program that he is hooking us up with this week only!

This workout comes from week two with a couple of changes.

Bodyweight Beast

Perform the workout using the following set up and supersets

1A) Box Jumps 3 x 20 ***Perform on a low box and go for speed

2A) Prisoner Squats 4 x 20
2B) Plank Knee Tucks 4 x 15 / side

3A) Push Ups 3 x submax (Hands in Straps)
3B) Plank Rows 3 x submax

***Get at LEAST 15 reps on each – Use RPM method if need be

4A) Burpee Tabata x 1 Round (Do 20 secs of work with 10 secs break x 8 rounds)

***Count the amount of Burpees you complete ***Beat the total score you got from Week 1
**NMW Set** Post Workout Extras (Same as Week 1)


Bodyweight Beast Program

Training with “Controlled Chaos” (100x BETTER than Crossfit)


“CHAOS EXPOSURE” Training (2 Videos) As you may know I’m always looking for what’s new, and what’s giving people the best in REAL-WORLD results. The other day my buddy Travis Stoetzel, who’s an awesome strength coach and high level Crossfit competitor just released his newest (and BEST) program for people who are looking to get themselves literally into the best shape of their life or in his words, to “transform yourself into a complete badass”. His new system is called the Unbreakable BADASS Blueprint 2.0 Seriously, that’s the name of the program and trust me, just by looking at what Travis has laid out within this newly evolved system has got me super excited in giving this program a full go, especially with my fighters.   He calls the special programming within his new training system, “The Controlled Chaos” method and from the video of my session yesterday, it’s exactly that. Travis defines his “Controlled Chaos” method as being the perfect blend of focused strength work, power training, and intense conditioning all mixed together into near perfect progressive-based training program. Learn more about this training and the new Unbreakable Badass Blueprint 2.0 – “CHAOS EXPOSURE” Training Video #1 In this video I go thought 2 different CHAOS EXPOSURE Session set ups (tomorrow I will show you 2 more) “Grinders” Complete For Time: Deadlift x 3 @ 185 Burpee x 30 Deadlift x 6 @ 185 Burpee x 25 Deadlift x 9 @ 185 Burpee x 20 Deadlift x 12 @ 185 Burpee x 15 Deadlift x 15 @ 185 Burpee x 10 -Longer higher rep / volume based conditioning session-Focus is to test your overall capacity and mental strength-Break when need be — just need to focus on chipping away at the session piece by piece-Builds physical and mental strength, plus overall strength and endurance capacity “Strength / Power Metcon” 4 Rounds For Time Of: a) Deadlifts @ 315 x 12 b) Burpee x 24 -Short, strength based metabolic conditioning based session-Focus is on speed, power, and efficiency against the clock — it’s you against time-Little to no breaks if possible-Build lactate acid threshold, power and strength endurance “CHAOS EXPOSURE” Training Video #2 In this video I go thought 2 more CHAOS EXPOSURE Session set ups (tomorrow I will show you 2 more) This is a perfect blend of strength and conditioning to end off your regular strength workouts or combat skill-training session. Kardio King – Get yourself ready for these as their designed to be lung burners that will help build up your overall ability to handle longer, slow-based conditioning sessions blended in with strength and power based movements. Interval / Pace Training – These include AMRAP sets, power repeat’s, and time based intervals all designed to help you improve your lasting ability to be powerful and strong even while tired again and again and again. Do you want more Chaos Exposure sessions and strength workouts? Click HERE “Kardio King” 3 Rounds For Time Of: a) Burpee x 10 b) Deadlift x 2 @ 405 c) 800m Run -Longer based cardio conditioning based session
-Focus is on adding in a endurance / cardiovascular focus while also blending in a bit of strength for fun
-Little to no breaks if possible – use the run or burpees as “breaks”
-Builds cardiovascular system and strength depending on how you set it up “Interval / Pace“ 10 Rounds NOT For Time Of: a) Deadlift x 5 @ 315 b) Burpee x 10 ***Rest 1 Min between rounds -Short bouts of HIGH intensity work
-Focus is on going at a 95-100% effort for each round without letting effort drop off in later rounds
-Blends light to heavy strength work with moderate rep light weight / bodyweight work
-Strategic breaks are used to help keep intensity HIGH during work periods
-Improves lactate acid threshold and recovery, plus strength and power endurance Do you want more Chaos Exposure sessions and strength workouts? Click HERE   

Insane Interval Training – From The Garage Built Body


Insane Intervals are specifically geared towards Lactic Acid Training via timed intervals. These are specific to shredding fat off the body as well as increasing overall conditioning. As it turns out, there’s a lot of people that have gained interest in Travis’ new hardcore, home-based training system and if you checked out Travis’ controversial report, you were probably shocked to find out that most HIIT routines out there are actually hurting you more than helping you for when it comes to building up more strength and lean muscle. In effort to fight against what Travis has called “HIIT Addiction”, he’s created a system of progressively built workouts that you can do in 24 minutes or less with just a set of kettlebells (or dumbbells) and your own bodyweight. And it’s this style of training that will not only blast away unwanted body fat, but will also build lean muscle, and get you stronger. Something that 99.9% of HIIT routines will NOT do. Either way, you’re gonna love Travis new Garage Built Body program  that will not only help you save TONS of time, but will also help you yield the muscle and strength building results you want while also getting you lean and ripped. Insane Interval Training – From The Garage Built Body

 Workout Details: Insane Intervals are specifically geared towards Lactic Acid Training via timed intervals. These are specific to shredding fat off the body as well as increasing overall conditioning. For the first 40 secs perform the weighted “Iron” movement then rest 20 sec. Go directly to the next un-weighted “Bodyweight” movement for 40 sec then rest 20 sec and so on throughout the circuit. Rest 45 seconds and repeat for 3 full rounds ***For the 1st 30 secs you’ll perform the weighted “Iron” movement then rest 15 secs. You’ll then go directly to the unweighted “Bodyweight” movement for 30 secs then rest 15 secs and so on throughout the circuit. Insane Intervals a) DB / KB Goblet Squat ===> Bodyweight Squat –> Squat Jumps b) DB / KB Floor Press ===> Push Ups –> KB Push Ups c) DB / KB Double Bent Rows ===> Recline Rows – Supinated Grip –> Feet Elevated Recline Rows 45 sec REST between full rounds 2A) Tabata Interval – 20/10 x 12 Rounds (6 Rounds Each Movement) a) Burpee Thrusters b) Sit Outs 25 NEW Muscle and Strength Building Workouts w/ 9 Killer “Anytime” Complexes (FREE BONUS) and FREE 12 “Anytime/Anywhere” Bodyweight Workouts – Click Here 

Interview: Funk Roberts on Strength and Conditioning For Combat Fighters and People That Want To Get “Fit Like A Fighter”

Funk Roberts is quickly becoming one of the industry leaders in strength and conditioning for MMA and Combat Athletes. His knowledge, information and resources have helped professional combat fighters win championships and every-day people get into the best shape of their lives. Check out this interview with Train Aggressive Travis Stoetzel where Funk discusses strength and conditioning, nutrition and importance of training for fighters   Video Clip Breakdown 0:19 – Intro to Funk Roberts 1:48 – How Funk Got Started as an Online Fitness Trainer and MMA Conditioning Coach 6:22 – Funk’s Mission for the MMA and Combat Fighters and Fitness 9:10 – Breakdown of Training for MMA and Combat Fighters 11:39 – Sample Week of Training for Combat Athlete and People that Want to Fit Like A Fighter 15:08 – Nutrition for athletes and fat loss while building muscle and keeping Strength 19:19 – Result of Combining Metabolic Training with Clean Nutrition 20:22 – What Funk’s Training Looks Like 23:10 – What one Strength Tool Funk would bring if he was on an Island 25:30 – Thursday Throwdown for the Train Aggressive Tribe 27:30 – Launch of 10 Week Program UNBREAKABLE-BADASS-Header   FunkFlex_ESC-03