Funk Spartacus Workout #1 – The Original

        Funk Spartacus Workout Part 1     Funk Spartacus Workout #1 Part 2   Funk’s Spartacus Workout #1 Alternate Kettlebell Swings Half Burpees with Split Alternate Sots Press Bicycle Crunches Push Ups Goblet – Kettlebell Squats Alternate Plank Reach-Under Sprawls Roll-ups Double Kettlebell Cleans FREE 4 Week Spartacus Challenge – Funk Roberts is running a FREE 4 Week Spartacus Challenge for those MEN or WOMEN who want to get ripped and blast their fitness to new heights. This high intensity cutting-edge circuit routine can strip away fat and define every muscle in your body. The challenge was taken from Men’s Health Magazine, but I will provide you with my weekly workouts and nutrition plan to help you get to your SPARTACUS status.