SPARTACUS WORKOUT FOR STABILITY, BALANCE AND STRENGTH SPARTACUS SINGLE LIMB WORKOUT FOR STABILITY, BALANCE AND STRENGTH Workout Instructions 10 Exercise Circuit – Complete 3 Full Rounds – 25 Minutes Perform each exercise in succession for 30 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds rest. You will do as many reps as you can, in that duration, then move on to the next exercise After you complete all 10 exercises or one round in succession you will rest for 2 minutes. Then repeat 2 more times. EXERCISE LIST 1. Standing One Arm Shoulder Press – Left 2. One Leg Swiss Ball Leg Curls – Left 3. Standing One Arm Shoulder Press – Right 4. One Leg Swiss Ball Leg Curls – Right 5. Single Leg and One Arm RDL – Left (Romanian Dead Lift) 6. One Legged Bent-Over Left Arm Rows 7. Single Leg and One Arm RDL – Right (Romanian Dead Lift) 8. One Legged Bent-Over Right Arm Rows 9. One Arm Sprawls – Right 10. One Arm Sprawls – Left What You Need: Gym Boss Timer: The other night Angela and I decided to change up the workout a bit and focus on single arm and leg movements. Single limb workouts are designed to improve muscle strength as well as core stability and balance. If you think about it, most movements of the human body are unilateral, meaning one limb is stressed more than the other at any given time. Athletes as well need to develop not only prime moving muscles, but also stabilizers as well to be effective, generate power and strength and most important to prevent injuries. Take running for example; the movement requires strength from each leg. If the stabilizing muscles in you’re the leg that is not striking the ground isn’t strong, you can fall over or get injured very easily. Performing single leg exercises actually recruits more muscle groups at the same time because not only are the prime movers being worked; the stabilizer muscles from head to toe are being engaged to ensure that your body stays stable throughout each exercise. When you train one limb at a time, it is a great way to correct any muscle weaknesses or imbalances that you may have. So add single limb movements or workout into your training regime and you will see an improvement in your balance, stability and core strength.