3 out of the top 4 shoulder injuries involve the rotator cuff so you need to keep them healthy. I know a lot of fighters that train and fight through this injury, which only leads to long time problems, surgery and early retirement. Here’s one of the best stretches you can do for your rotator cuff. I didn’t even know you could do this until Rick Kaselj, MS told me about it! I started using it yesterday and I can feel it. The deep fascial rotator cuff stretch is way more effective than other traditional static chest stretches because it hits the fascia in the shoulder. I have added this to my daily stretch routine Watch it in the video below. The fascia is connective tissue that encases muscles and connects groups of muscle together. With a regular chest stretch, you hit the muscle but what also is affected in a painful joint is the fascia. With shoulder pain, connective tissue shortens up and gets thick. We need to hit fascia in order to stretch it out, thin it out, and help the muscle move better while loosening up the shoulder. Regular static stretch of the chest does not do that. Click Here To Watch and Try a Sample Fascial Stretch from FMSP Train Hard, Stretch Daily, Fight Eazy!