Carbs for Fat Loss #3, Free List of Good Carbs and Carb Cycling Blueprint

In this video I will continue to go over the good carbs (complex), 3 reasons to stay away from bad carbs (Simple), Portion Size and Conclusion. Make sure you copy and print the Carbs list below and pick up the BLUEPRINT to Carbs Cycling for fat loss and NEVER worry about Carbs making you fat again.   DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE FIT TO EAT CARBOHYDRATES REPORT EBOOK AND FULL LIST BELOW Fit to Eat Carbohydrates – Funk Roberts Fitness eBOOK Video Notes Portion Size – For carbohydrates, a portion‖is the size of your clenched fist. Think of an apple, orange, or other piece of fruit of approximately that size, or a portion of pasta, rice, beans, etc., similar in size. COMPLEX CARBS List of Complex Carbs (Good to eat)– This is a short list of the Carbs that you should be eating on a regular basis. Please do not forget to download your FREE EBOOK Fit to Eat Carbs for a list of Carbs you can eat and the ones to STAY AWAY FROM! Whole Grains Whole grains are high in fiber, have moderate protein levels, are low in fat and are also a good source of complex carbs. Specific examples include Quinoa millet, oats, wheat germ, barley, wild rice, brown rice, buckwheat, oat bran, cornmeal, Oatmeal and amaranth. Any product that is made from these grains is also complex as well. Whole grain bread, bagels, buns and rolls are examples of these Fruits Fruits are high in water content, fiber, vitamins and they have virtually no fat at all. Fruits packed with complex carbohydrates include apricots, oranges, plums, pears, grapefruits and prunes. apples, oranges, apricots, peaches, pears, grapes, kiwi, mango, watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, rhubarb, plum, pineapple, papaya, grapefruit, grapes, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, cranberries, cherries Vegetables Vegetables are high in water, low in fat, have multiple vitamins and minerals, and most varieties are complex carbs. Broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, turnip greens, eggplant, sweet potatoes, yams, corn, carrots, onions, all types of lettuce, celery, cucumbers, squash, cabbage, artichokes and asparagus, beets, pumpkin, rutabaga   Legumes Legumes are oftentimes called pulses. These are characterized by seeds that have an exterior pod surrounding them. Beans are a type of legume that is a complex carbohydrate. Specific examples include lentils, kidney beans, black beans, peas, garbanzo beans, soy beans and pinto beans black-eyed peas, lima beans, red beans, marrowfat peas, chickpeas, butter beans, navy beans, lentils. DOWNLOAD YOUR FIT TO EAT CARBS REPORT Fit to Eat Carbohydrates – Funk Roberts Fitness   EAT MORE CARBS – LOSE MORE FAT? (STEP BY STEP PLAN) If you’ve ever dieted before, then there’s know doubt you’ve probably dealt with the pain and frustration that comes with trying to cut carbs and calories at the same exact time.  How do I know?   Because just like you and hundreds of thousands of other people, I’ve dealt with the SAME frustrations as you have for the last 10+ years of being a fitness professional. I’m sure you’re probably very familiar with the painful list that comes with using the “traditional” dieting approach – just like I am: 
  • Living in a huge calorie deficit and feeling hungry all the time.
  • Constantly feeling run down and carb depleted with zero energy.
  • Depriving yourself of your favorite carbs and all the foods you love to eat.
  • Missing out on all the fun stuff like social events, parties, and family gatherings.
  • Feeling restricted and inconvenienced with limiting food choices day after day after day.
  • A sluggish and slowing metabolism.
  • Suppressed fat burning hormones that block your body from burning fat.
  • Loss of strength and even precious calorie burning lean muscle tissue.
  • Unhealthy obsessions over food and constantly worrying about what you’re putting in your body. 
Perhaps you’ve heard that in order to avoid all these painful consequences and lose belly fat you should just avoid carbs altogether and eat more like a caveman. Wrong.  Or maybe you’ve heard that you need to cut calories later in the evening and stop eating carbs late at night before bed. Wrong – AGAIN.  In fact, these are the EXACT opposite steps you should be taking in order to “reboot” your metabolism and keep your hormones “healthy”, happy, and burning belly fat.   And if you’ve ever tried to “diet” by cutting carbs and calories, research now shows there’s over a 90% change that your metabolism has been radically altered and damaged.  But not anymore.  That’s because my good friend Shaun Hadsall just released his brand new 4 Cycle Solution.  An eight week Step-by-Step carb cycling system that uses a brand new nutrition method called Macro-Patterning™, which shows you exactly how to overcome all this dieting nonsense and heal ANY damage you may have done from previous crash dieting.  In fact, when you use Macro-Patterning™ it’s easy to eat LOADS of carbs and NEVER store them as fat.  And in addition to the fact that Shaun is already discounting this new system at HALF off, he’s also throwing in Fast Start Video Lessons for anybody who orders today.

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                              ==> 4 Cycle Solution System HALF off + Fast Start Video Lessons *FREE*  Cycle 1 – The 7 Day Carb Depletion Diet: “Shut off” your body’s dependence on sugars and make belly fat your “go to” energy source to visually SEE your belly get flatter in just 7 short days.  Cycle 2 – The Macro-Patterning™ Cycle: Use LOTS of carbs to accelerate fat-loss and maintain a fat burning environment round the clock 24/7. No more plateaus. No more metabolic slowdown. No more suffering from traditional low carb trendy diets.  Cycle 3 – The Accelerated Fat-Loss Cycle: Because your body is super smart it can adapt very quickly. This is the first fat-loss cycle ever designed to overcome EVERY type of plateau of sticking point the body uses to stop you from losing weight so you STAY on the fat-loss fast track.  Cycle 4 – The “Diet Break”: By this point you’ll have overcame every type of adaptive response related to burning stubborn body fat. Now it’s time to put your fat-loss on cruise control by enjoying happy hour every Friday and even using all your favorite Cheat Foods through the weekend – WITHOUT suffering any rebound weight gain.  ==> HALF off 4 Cycle Solution Fat-Loss PLUS Fast Start Video Lessons *FREE*  So let’s recap so you fully grasp what’s going on at the above link…  1.     Shaun’s new 4 Cycle Fat-Loss Carb Cycling System is on sale this week only at HALF price to celebrate the “official” release. This program has already received a TON of national attention, so it’s proven to work like gangbusters.  2.     If you pick up Shaun’s new program TODAY, you’ll also get the entire system (ALL 4 proven cycles) on video 100% FREE.  This is literally like your very own “mini” PhD on how to eat MORE carbs and NEVER get fat.  Now truth be told, almost everybody who tries to start ANY type of rapid fat-loss plan messes up their hormones, damages their metabolism, and literally forces their body to gain the weight right back.

 But when you use this particular carb cycling approach based on the unique (and proprietary) Macro-Patterning™ nutrition method — you’ll see how simple it can be to finally get and keep a flat belly.

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Carbs for Fat Loss #1 and the Pros and Cons of Carb Intake (Video and Article)

Have you ever heard that you should avoid carbohydrates if you’re trying to lose fat? Well, that’s a bunch of crap. 🙂 Sure, there’s a time and a place to go low-carb, but there’s nothing “bad” about carbs so long as they’re the unprocessed, fibrous variety. Below is video #1 of my three part series on the Importance of Carbs for Fat and Weight Loss. I’ll be sending you two more videos over the next couple of days or you can sit back and watch the playlist on YouTube. Also below is a great article from my buddy Shaun Hadsall who has just launched his 4 Cycles of Fat Loss last week but is extending his 50% off launch price to friends of Funk Roberts that want to pick up his program until Saturday Nov 3, 2012. But first watch the video #1 and read his article below. Article from my friend Shaun Hadsall: Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to spend quality time around a lot of people that have competed in fitness modeling or bodybuilding competitions. These are people whose JOB it is to get and stay at single-digit bodyfat levels. I’ve noticed one thing in particular that every one of these physique competitors have in common… They ALL use carbohydrate “manipulation” as one of the main nutrition factors that they focus on to get seriously lean. Carb manipulation simply means cycling carbs strategically on a daily or weekly basis. And there’s absolutely no reason you can’t do the same exact thing too! But first, you need to realize that carbs are not necessarily the enemy all the time. In fact, they can actually be your best fat burning friends – IF you use them strategically. So if you really want to control fat loss once and for all and learn how it’s possible for you to “mimic” the fitness pros who sport a six pack abs and super models who keep their tummies flat, it’s crucial for you to understand the pros and cons of carb intake. Trust me, it can be a love-hate relationship. The Pros of Carbs 1. Carbs are muscle sparing. In other words, they preserve and prevent the breakdown of lean calorie burning muscle tissue. 2. They provide energy to the brain and the body. 3. They help spark our metabolism and keep it elevated to prevent metabolic slowdown and keep fat-burning hormones at optimal levels. 4. They fuel vitally important metabolic processes in the body that can help us exercise harder and recover faster. 5. They stimulate insulin, which leads to a very anabolic/muscle building environment (this is kind of a catch 22 as you’ll read in a second). The Cons of Carbs 1. Carbs spike insulin levels and elevate blood sugar. It’s almost impossible to burn body fat in the presence of high insulin levels. (hence – the catch 22 above) 2. Consuming too many carbs over lengthy periods of time can lead to a lot of fat spillover (see chart below), which leads to excess fat storage. Think obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc. 3. Carbs (especially processed carbs) are the most abused nutrient from both a health and fat loss perspective. 4. Excess carb intake creates a lot of water retention, which leads to a soft look so it makes you look and feel bloated. 5. Processed carbs hide nasty fillers and chemicals that can potentially lead to severe health challenges. We call these obesity additives. Additionally, grain-based processed carbs such as cereasl, breads, and most pastas contain “anti-nutrients” and gluten that can block fat-loss and potentially lead to various types of autoimmune diseases and internal inflammation.   Now you can see why people think you can just cut out carbs to lose weight. Obviously there’s a lot more to it because we need carbs to stay healthy and keep our metabolism happy and burning fat. Additionally, low carb diets really only work for 5 to 7 days at a time before your thyroid and leptin levels react negatively to slow metabolic rate and suppress fat burning hormones. Now you can see the crux of carb intake. It can be a double-edged sword. That’s why you gotta get “sneaky” and cycle your carb intake to maximize both your health and long term fat-loss. And that exactly what my buddy Shaun Hadsall shows you how to do in his 4 Cycle Fat-Loss Carb Cycling System. You’ll discover exactly how to eat LOTS of carbs and NEVER store them as fat with a brand new technique called Macro-Patterning™ and it’s pretty darn cool if I do say so myself. In fact, it’s mandatory that you use high carb days and even your favorite cheat foods when using Shaun’s new system. You’ll use your favorite carbs to: 1. Stimulate the hormones that control your body’s ability to burn off stubborn belly fat 2. PREVENT the metabolic slowdown that causes plateaus when trying to lose weight with a traditional “diet”. 3. Double the fat-burning effect EVERY time you exercise That’s what makes Shaun’s 4 Cycles of Fat Loss unlike any other nutrition plan on the planet. The end result? You RID “dieting” from your life forever and AVOID rebound weight gain once and for all. Woohoo! NO MORE dieting!! The weight-loss industry has needed a solution like this for years so it’s something that I HIGHLY recommend. GRAB this system. You won’t regret it. And right now it’s HALF price to celebrate the official “release party” going on this week only. But wait. If that’s not enough to get you off the fence, you also get instant access to Shaun’s 7 Day Ab “Targeted” Exercise bonus with your ½ price order. This guide contains some BRAND new extremely powerful techniques that literally forces your body to release the hormones that “break apart” and release stubborn pockets of fat (and even cellulite) into the blood stream to burned off. So you’ll visually see your belly get flatter in only 7 days. But in addition to that, Shaun shows you how you can combine this sequence with his 7 Day Carb Depletion Diet (Cycle 1 of the 4 Cycle Solution) to “see” your belly get significantly flatter. All in only ONE short week. Harness the power of carb cycling and Macro-Patterning™ to experience 7 days of your FASTEST fat-loss ever ==> 4 Cycle Solution HALF price + 7 Day Ab “Targeted” Exercises Bonus FREE Remember, the price doubles in just a few days and the *free* rapid-fat loss bonus disappears for good – so take action now.