Well Everyone  I’m at the end of my 8 week body transformation, and I feel amazing.    I started this transformation as an effort to get in shape before travelling to Mexico in January.  I wanted my body to be in better shape than it’s been in a long, long time.    The key to the rapid transformation has been a combination of cleansing with Isagenix Products and exercise in the form of Spartacus Bodyweight Workouts.  Isagenix is amazing for improving overall health, shedding unwanted fat and building lean muscle, but I knew if I wanted results, I needed to introduce a new exercise routine into my lifestyle.  I have no time to get to a gym and no desire to pay for a gym membership. 

Robin back in the day at 240lbs

So, I checked out Funk Roberts Spartacus Workout Blog and came across the Spartacus Bodyweight Workouts.  The workout routines are perfect.  No gym required no equipment necessary, just some space, a timer, and my own body weight.   I contacted Funk to let him know what I was about to embark on and received amazing support and encouragement. 8 weeks later I am down to 196 pounds from 218, a total of 22 pounds lost over 8 weeks and, as I said, I feel amazing.  In addition, I have really noticed an improvement in my athletic performance and my recovery from athletics.  On the volleyball court, I’m able to jump higher, hit harder, and play longer.  At soccer, I’m able to play the full game without a sub.  I’m agile and able to run hard right through to the end of the game.  I’m looking forward to continuing to cleanse and workout, working towards getting that ever elusive 6 pack. 

Robin After 8 Week Spartacus Bodyweight Workouts and Isagenix - 196lbs

It’s amazing how your body can transform when you combine Isagenix to cleanse your body, improve bodily functions, shed the unwanted body fat and promote the building of lean muscle with an outstanding workout routine like the Spartacus Bodyweight Workouts.   Thanks to everyone for your support If you’re looking to improve your health this year or shed those few extra pounds from Christmas, get in touch with both Funk Roberts and myself to help you get kick started.   Check out Isagenix at The Spartacus Bodyweight Workouts can be found at