Olympic Lifting: 3 Common Mistakes How To Correct Them (Video)


Funk trains with Eric Wong who shows 3 common mistakes made when performing the Power Clean. Olympic Lifts are great way to build strength and power fast. Great for MMA, Martial Arts and Combat Athletes. The Power Clean Mistake #1 – Too much Biceps – Pulling the bar up using your biceps too much Correction – Full Body extension through the knees hips and shoulders Mistake #2 – Hip Down and Squatting the Bar Up From the Bottom Position – Mistake is keeping your hips down and the bottom of the movement and using a squatting motion to get the bar up off the ground with your hip down Correction – Your Hips should be first up, drive then forward and then use the full body extension – more like a deadlift Mistake #3 – Lifting the Bar off the Floor Too Fast – Trying to lift the bar rapidly off the floor Correction – move a little slower when lifting off the floor and control the bar and motion then explode into full body extension Start with narrow feet using hook grip and once you get to the top of the movement you split the feet and drop into a mini squat and stand up slowly   Get Eric Wong’s Mastering the Olympic Lifts Program http://tinyurl.com/Olympic-Lifts-Program If you want to take you Strength and Conditioning training to the next level and develop “SICK” explosive power quickly then take advantage this program. Here what the Mastering Olympic Lift Program Entails • Component #1 – Mobility and Strength Assessment: after performing these assessments you’ll pinpoint exactly where to start to get on your way to being an Olympic lifter • Component #2 – Corrective Mobility Warm-up: this dynamic warm-up includes the best exercises to fix all of the common areas of restriction that prevent you from proper execution of the lifts • Component #3 – BIOMECH BREAKDOWN: Eric analyzes and breakdown each phase of the lift in easy to understand language so you can fully visualize exactly how the lifts are to be performed • Component #4 – Rapid Mastery Training Sequence: this is where the rubber meets the road and you progress through 4 distinct phases of training on your way to mastery of the world’s most explosive lifts – no filler and no fluff – just everything you need to know to start lifting properly • Component #5 – Over 1 hour of high quality, detailed instructional exercise videos so you can see exactly how everything is to be performed This is perfect for athletes that want to gain 7-9 lbs of muscle during the 8-week program. You only train three times per week so that you can still go to practice on the other days. The best part about this workout is that it builds explosive muscle you can use for your sport and it does so with minimal soreness! http://tinyurl.com/Olympic-Lifts-Program