Spartacus “Mission Impossible” Workout Your Mission, if you choose to accept is to perform this workout and leave your comments when the mission is complete!   This post has a lot of information in it that you do not want to miss. Aside from the workout video.  1) Below the workout video there is the usual workout details. 2) Below that I talk about why Spartacus workouts are much more effective at fat loss then regular long cardio session on the gym machine 3) Finally under that I breakdown each exercise giving you tips on how to perform the exercise correctly and what it targets. So make sure you watch and read everything this post. It will change your life forever ..okay maybe not forever, but for now and please leave your comments.    Spartacus Mission Impossible Workout Instructions 10 Exercise Circuit – Complete 4 Full Rounds Perform each exercise in succession for 60 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest. You will do as many reps as you can, in that duration, then move on to the next exercise. After you complete all 10 exercises or one round in succession you will rest for 2 minutes. COMPLETE 4 ROUNDS SPARTACUS “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE” WORKOUT 1. Kettlebell (DB) Clean Press and Overhead Squat (35lbs) – Alternate 2:05 2. Grasshopper 2:29 3. Nasty Bastie Burpees 2:50 4. Abs Cross Crunches and Twist 3:15 5. Dumbbell Deadlifts and Row Ladder (45lbs) – 3:31 (Start with 1 row, then 2-3-4-5 back down to 4-3-2-1 or until time runs out) – 3:31 6. Bodyweight Squat to Meet the Queens 4:00 7. Swiss Ball Roll Ups – 4:23 8. Kettlebell Swing – Catch and Around the World (45lbs) 4:43 9. Ninja Tuck Jumps 10. Dumbbell Push-Ups and Side Raises (8lbs) 5:32 What You Need: Gym Boss Timer: Post Workout Protein Drink: Kettlebells: Dumbbells: Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells WHY SPARTACUS WORKOUTS BURN MORE FAT THAN CARDIO AT THE GYM!  In the video I said that Spartacus Workouts or High Intensity Interval Training is amazing for burning fat, but didn’t go into detail. This relates to what is called EPOC (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption) In other words, after a Spartacus workout your body’s metabolism is very high. Basically because you are resting at this time your body is tapping into the fat stores for energy through oxygen. Oxygen burns fat. Your body takes a lot longer to recovery after Spartacus workouts, therefore your body is burning fat for a longer period. Science and research shows that interval training, like Spartacus workouts, are more effective and works faster than slow cardio for fat loss (Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: January 2011, 43:115-122). On the flip side, after a long and boring 45-60 minutes duration on the elliptical or exercise machine at the gym, because you are not exercising at high level (per say) your EPOC or post workout metabolism is not that high nor does not last very long. THAT’S NOT SO GREAT! LET’S COMPARE A) 30-40 minute Spartacus workout burns fat for 24-36 hours after workout B) 45-60 minute duration on an exercise machine for traditional cardio workout burns fat 30-45 minutes after if you are lucky. DO YOU WANT TO BURN FAT? DO SPARTACUS WORKOUTS! EXERCISE BY EXERCISE BREAKDOWN OF SPARTACUS “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE” WORKOUT 1. Kettlebell (DB) Clean Press and Overhead Squat (35lbs) – This is an advance kettlebell movement and you may need to modify it. This exercise targets the entire body focusing on your ability to power up the kettlebell, press with the shoulders and then as the weight is locked up over your head, you then proceed to squat as you tighten your core. Simple amazing! You can modify the movement be taking out the press and just squatting after the clean. You may also use a dumbbell if you don’t’ have access to kettlebells. 2. Grasshopper – This is a popular exercise with combat fighters but I added it in to challenge your upper body, hip flexibility and core muscles. Make sure your hip touches the ground when you kick the leg through. 3. Nasty Bastie Burpees – My friend Mojo introduced me to this burpee variation while we were doing another Spartacus Workout. He is a hockey goalie, so you can see the added split when you blast up from the burpee resembles a goalies positioning as they get ready to make save. What you will also feel is the burn in the thighs and adductors. Of course, because it is a burpee you are getting the entire body to work, along with the heart and fast twitch muscles from the plyometric movement. 4. Abs Cross Crunches and Twist – I like this abs exercise variation as it not only targets all the abs muscles. Rectus Abdominals (along the top, actually the 6-pack), Oblique’s along the sides and the Transverse Muscle which is a deep core muscle that covers your entire midsection, front and back 5. Dumbbell Deadlifts and Row Ladder (45lbs) – 3:31 (Start with 1 row, then 2-3-4-5 back down to 4-3-2-1 or until time runs out) – another power movement in the deadlifts but with the added bent over row, your back gets a double dose. Oh and don’t forget to tighten the core. You want to use a heavy weight with this exercise but do not compromise your form. The Ladder Rows may not seem too tough at the beginning but as you reach the 30 sec mark and are counting back the ladder, your lats will be screaming. 6. Bodyweight Squat to Meet the Queens – Pure lower body combo exercise that targets the glutes, thighs, adductors and abductors, calves and hammies. Make sure you go nice and low, don’t rush the movements and explode up from the bottom position 7. Swiss Ball Roll Ups –Another Abs and Core Killah. Keep those hips high while drawing the Swiss ball towards your chest. You want to make sure to point your toes back as well. (I have really bad ankles that were broken when I was young, so biomechanically I cannot point my feet down too much). Exhale while bringing the ball close to you. The Core and Abs are going to die. 8. Kettlebell Swing – Catch and Around the World (45lbs) – I really like this exercise. The kettlebells focus on your lower body and explosive power, while the Around the World hits the shoulders, traps and chest and core. If you have shoulder problems the Around the World helps to open up the shoulder cavity and strengthen it. Helped to cure my chronic rotator cuff injury. 9. Ninja Tuck Jumps – WOWEEE is all I can say about this one. You truly have to explode up off the ground. But if that’s not enough then do a tuck jump. After a minute of this you are ready to tap out – BUT YOU CAN’T. I kept slipping off the mat but powered through it. Make sure you have a soft surface and pump your arms to help you get up off your knees. It’s a very tough exercise, especially after 8 previous ones. Good Luck with this plyometric movement. 10. Dumbbell Push-Ups and Side Raises (8lbs) – Love this exercise to finish off the workout (the round) It will definitely hit your upper body, but the shoulders get it two-fold, during the pushups and then again with the side raise. The great thing about having to perform the side raise in the plank position is that you have no way to cheat the weight up allowing the movement to really focus on the shoulder. You must use a light weight. You will not believe how incredibly effective this exercise is until you the next day.