New Metabolic Bodyweight Blaster Program


FULL PACKAGE   I am so excited to launch my new Metabolic Bodyweight Blasters (MBB) program to you today These are the perfect full body workouts that you can implement into your overall strength & conditioning training to help with your cardio, muscular endurance, explosive power, core strength, lactate acid threshold and burn a ton of fat. The best part about the MBB program is that you can do each workout at home without any needing equipment.  So there is no need to hit waste time going to the gym.   You need little space and time to get these done, so you can continue to improve your overall conditioning and performance as an athlete. If you are a trainer, coach or gym owner, not you have 30 done for you bodyweight workouts that you can use with your fitness groups, clients and athletes, knowing that it will get them results. Metabolic Bodyweight Blasters <= 60% Off Launch Special 4 days only! My new Metabolic Bodyweight Blasters (MBB) are the perfect workouts for you to use to get noticeable results in a very short period of time. Check out what you get with new program – MBB Training Guide  With the MBB Training Guide you will learn the power of metabolic training using your bodyweight.  You get 30 Bodyweight Circuits and over 250 different exercises to keep your sessions fresh and challenging.  I will also breakdown how I develop each bodyweight circuit and give you the exact template I use so you can create your own. – 14-Week Program Schedule If you want a more structured program, then follow the done for you 14 Week MBB schedule that will take you through 3 phases and progressively get more challenging so you can continue to shock your muscles to grow and body to burn more and more fat.  Everything is easy to follow and laid out so all you need to worry about is getting the workout DONE! – 30 MBB workout demo videos (downloadable) – Each workout has a short demo video of all the exercises so you can watch, learn and perform each workout correctly and safely. You can download them to your computer, tablet or smartphone. – Pre warm up and post workout stretch videos – You will also get access to my famous full body warm and dynamic stretch along with my post workout stretch routine to ensure you recover fast, decrease chance of injury and stay on course throughout the 14-week program.   Metabolic Bodyweight Blasters <= 60% Off Launch Special 4 days only!