Ultimate Kettlebell Workout


Ultimate Kettlebell Workout (10 Minute Circuit) This is a workout from my soon to release 10 Minute Blasters program. Try this one today! Perform each exercise for 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest. Complete 2 rounds with no rest in between. Total Time = 10 Minutes 1. Alternating Suitcase to One Arm Swings 2. Snatches (Right) 3. Goblet Thrusters 4. Snatches (left) 5. Goblet Reverse Lunges

Kettlebell Workout : 5 Minute LadderFinisher

  Today I have a Kettlebell Workout Finisher that you can use to help you bust through a plateau, accelerate fat loss and increase your overall lean muscle without working out longer.   A Triple Whammy! This is an advanced Finisher that uses a Metabolic Complex called “Sequencing” that combines two movements. You will complete a single rep of each movement and immediately shift to the next one repeating this sequence for set amount of time, in this case. In this Sequence we are using the Kettlebell (KB) Snatch and Press and the KB Clean and Press – NOTE: you must be able to perform kettlebell snatches and clean and press with good form before trying this Finisher. I added a twist to this Sequence Complex by using Ladder protocol with 3 different weights. Not only are you performing the two movements together one after the other, but now you will be increasing and decreasing weight as you move up and down the ladder of kettlebells. It’s a unique, challenging and SUPER effective way to burn off fat and build lean, dense muscle throughout the body…plus it’s Fun! HOW TO PERFORM THIS KETTLEBELL FINISHER Complete the following ladder circuit for 5 minutes resting briefly only when needed. Set up 3 different weighted kettlebells in front of one another (make sure they increase in weight) – For example – 12kg-16kg-24kg You will perform 1 rep of each movement one after the other using one arm and immediately switching to the other. Once you have finished, move up to the next weight and repeat the sequence. When you have finished the final kettlebell in the ladder, then go back down to the next weight and continue in the fashion moving up and down the weights until 5 minutes is complete. Exercise 1-Arm Kettlebell Snatch-Press 1 Arm Clean and Press Use this advanced finisher to help you break through a plateau and accelerate for lass (not working out longer) If you like this Finisher and want more highly effective workouts that will TRIPLE your results and even burn off stubborn fat (even if you think there’s no chance), then pick up a copy of Mike Whitfield’s Metabolic Chaos 4-Week Workout Program You can TRIPLE your results by using his approach that has helped thousands already, including six Turbulence Training Transformation contest winners. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COPY OF METABOLIC CHAOS AND 51 FINISHER WORKOUTS You get 51 NEW Finishers PLUS Metabolic Chaos 4 Week Workout You’ll take metabolic workouts to a whole new level because inside this new 4-week workout system, you’ll use a combination of metabolic resistance training, metabolic conditioning, metabolic density training and of course, even more metabolic finishers ALL combined in this brand new 4-week program. Based on the feedback from his clients that experimented with this workout, this bonus ALONE is worth the investment. But you’ll get it as a FREE bonus when you get Mike’s brand new Workout Finishers 2.0

Metabolic Kettlebell – TRX – Med Ball Circuit (VIDEO INSIDE)

Today’s workout is a Metabolic Circuit using the TRX, Kettlebell and Med Ball. I think it is important to diversify your training as much as possible by using different types of equipment in order to shock your body into strength and muscle growth while continuing to burn fat. Using new pieces of equipment can also expose weaknesses you may have in your body, that force you to improve better yourself. It is also a great way to smash through plateaus and keep things fresh This was a tough circuit for me as I have not been able to use suspension training as much as I would like so a lot of my weaknesses were exposed throughout this session which left me sore as hell for a couple of days. Throughout the circuit you are going to work your explosive power, muscular endurance, core, oblique and abs strength, stability, balance, cardio and mental toughness. Because this is a Metabolic Circuit, after you are done, you will still be burning fat 24-36 hours later. Metabolic 60-15 Kettlebell -TRX – Med Ball Circuit Instructions: Perform each exercise for 60 seconds of work, followed by 15 seconds rest. Make sure you complete as many reps as possible with good form suing each interval. After you complete all 10 exercises, rest for two minutes and complete 3 full rounds Workout Time: 41 Minutes (Warm up before and Stretch After this workout) Exercise List 1. TRX Burpees Right – (Balance, Strength, power and endurance) 2. Two Arm Kettlebell Swing – (Lower Body, explosive power) 3. TRX Burpees Left – (Explode off the front leg) 4. Med Ball One Arm Wall Throws – Right – (Hip Rotation, Twist, Push Exercise – Throw each rep as hard as you can do not speed through this exercise) 5. Med Ball One Arm Wall Throws – Left – (Generate power from the hips) 6. TRX Hip Bridges – (Explosive power, hips, glutes and core) 7. One Arm Kettlebell Thrusters Right – (Strength, power, cardio, legs strength) 8. TRX Atomic Push Ups – (Upper Body, Balance, stability, core and muscular endurance) 9. One Arm Kettlebell Thrusters Left – (explosive, shoulder strength and endurance) 10. KB Cossack Lunge – (flexibility, lateral movement, core strength) Benefits of This Metabolic Fusion Circuit Below I am going to briefly touch on the benefits of using the equipment in this workout and if you have access, then you should learn and incorporate them into your training. TRX Suspension Trainer Whether it’s the TRX, SBT, Jungle Gym XT or any suspension equipment, this is an incredible device to help with stability, balance, muscular endurance, explosion and core training. There is a bit of a learning curve using the TRX and because you are suspended in the air for most of the exercises, it stimulates and fires up muscles that you probably didn’t even think you had. Kettlebell This is one piece of equipment everyone in the world should own and have in their toolbox. The benefits run deep when using kettlebells and to this day it was responsible for the biggest body transformation of my life. With one kettlebell you can use dynamic movements increase your explosive power, cardio, muscular endurance, core and grip strength. Because the kettlebells weight is offset, just by holding it in your hand you target the smaller stability muscles that help you build strength faster.   Medicine Ball Adding the medicine ball to your training is an excellent way to help you develop strength, coordination, balance, power and core stability. The ball can also help to develop your rotational core strength and obliques.  

Kettlebell Swings – Instructional Video

The Kettlebell Swing is one of my all-time favourite exercises because it is great for developing explosive lower body power, strengthen the core, increase your cardio and conditioning and burn fat. In most of my circuits you will see some variation of the swing but the two-arm swing is the basic one. It’s a staple in most of my workouts because it works! The main muscles targeted in the swing are the hamstrings and glutes. With the swing you generate force from the hips, legs and back of the body. This develops the lower body power, explosiveness and flexibility. Swings work the abs and strengthen the core muscles as they provide a stable platform for other muscles to pull from. Exercises like kettlebell swings can improve your cardiovascular endurance while giving your muscles a workout. In fact if you use this as your major conditioning exercise and body fat burner. You can use kettlebell swings in your circuits, as tabatas, finishers or in a cardio workout. I recommend kettlebell swings for women wanting to tighten up the glutes and burn fat in the lower body; men that want to burn fat and build lean muscles; MMA and Combat athletes that want to improve muscular endurance, explosive power and cardio. Grab your kettlebell today, practice this movement and watch your body, cardio and strength increase rapidly.     TWO ARM KETTLEBELL SWINGS • Hold kettlebell with two hands at arms legs down at your waist. • Swing the kettlebell between your legs and thrust your hips forward to swing the kettlebell up to shoulder height. • Do not round your lower back (keep back straight) and bend at your hips and knees. • Swing the weight back and forth – USE THE HIPS TO THRUST THE KETTLEBELL, NOT YOUR SHOULDERS – Do not use your shoulders to lift kettlebell • At the top of the swing, PAUSE & SQUEEZE your GLUTES and tighten your AB’s to maximize muscle lift and firmness. Use heavy weight Ladies – Set 8kg (light), 12kg (med), 16kg (heavy) Men’s – Set 12kg (light), 16kg (med), 24kg (heavy)     Learn Kettlebell Basics – CLICK LINK  http://spartanworkoutblog.com/2012/01/how-to-use-kettlebells-with-ajamu-bernard-kbell-training-academy/   Tips for Buying your Kettlebell Video -CLICK LINK –  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7JrBm37MfI BUY KETTLEBELLS BELOW: USA My Mad Methods – https://new.mymadmethods.com/index.php/equipment/?partner_id=339 Power Systems Fitness – USA – http://www.power-systems.com/s-3-kettlebells.aspx?type=banner&&affId=135909 INTERNATIONAL Dragon Door – http://www.dragondoor.com/shop-by-department/kettlebells/?apid=4be946acb37d2 CANADA  Treadmill Factory – http://tinyurl.com/treadmill-factory    


SPARTACUS KETTLEBELL WORKOUT FOR STRENGTH – “NO REST FOR THE WICKED” I have to admit, it’s been a long time since I did a full kettlebell workout…and I miss them so much! Using kettlebells to for strength and muscle mass is great, especially if you use challenging weight. The harder you work the more calories you burn too. Because using kettlebells are ballistic, there are many more muscles being used at the same time accelerating your fat burning and muscle building. Mike Mahler, a kettlebell instructor, expert and strength coach, indicates like weight training, there are five areas that are worth focusing on for balanced development of the body 5 Pillars of Strength Exercises and my workout incorporates most of them. 1. Press: 2. Pull: 3. Squat: 4. Lower Body Pull: 5. Core:   Covering the above five areas ensures that you build a strong and balanced physique. I put together this workout that uses one kettlebell and your Gymboss Timer. It takes about 35 minutes and is super effective. Grab your Kettlebell, Gymboss Timer and try this workout today! GET YOUR GYMBOSS TIMER FOR 19.95 – http://tinyurl.com/yllwjdt SPARTACUS KETTLEBELL WORKOUT FOR STRENGTH – NO REST FOR THE WICKED Workout Instructions 10 Exercise Circuit – Complete 3 full circuits. Perform each exercise in succession for 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest. You will do as many reps as you can, in that duration, then move on to the next exercise. After you complete all 10 exercises or one circuit in succession you will rest for 2 minutes. Then repeat 2 more times. Suggested Weight: Men use 16-24kg Women 8-16kg Please make sure you warm up before you start. Pre-Workout Kettlebell Warm up – 30 Seconds Each Exercise 1. Around the Body Pass – 30 seconds clockwise and counter-clockwise 2. Halos – 30 seconds clockwise and counter-clockwise 3. Figure 8’s – 30 seconds one way and switch 4. Good Morning Stretch – 30 seconds Main Kettlebell Workout – 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest 1. 2 ARM SWING-CATCH AND SQUAT – Lower Body and Squat 2. KB CLEAN AND PRESS – LEFT – Lower Body Pull and Press 3. 2 ARM SWING-CATCH AND SQUAT – Lower Body and Squat 4. KB CLEAN AND PRESS – RIGHT – Lower Body Pull and Press 5. ONE ARM SWINGS – LEFT – Lower Body Pull 6. TURKISH GET UP – LEFT – Core 7. ONE ARM SWINGS – RIGHT – Lower Body Pull 8. TURKISH GET UP – RIGHT – Core 9. KB WINDMILL – LEFT – Core and Abs 10. KB WINDMILL – RIGHT – Core and Abs GET YOUR KETTLEBELLS TODAY