Hip Flexibility and Hamstring Stretch Sequence (Video)


If you want to permanently improve your flexibility so you can do key exercises that boost your metabolism like squats and deadlifts, then you need to do a whole lot more than the typical stretches everyone knows… If they worked, everyone would be flexible and loose, but it’s clear when you look around the gym that we’re not! That’s why the 3D Flexibility System, developed by my buddy Eric Wong who trains pro athletes for a living, is truly a revolution in flexibility training – it addresses not just tight muscles, but also fascia, the joint capsule, neuromuscular factors and strength so that you get more flexible, stronger and more mobile. If you’re not addressing these other factors that keep you tight, you’re never going to make permanent gains! Check out these cool hip flexibility and hamstring stretch sequences that Eric takes me through. And if you like these stretches and want more, then go to the next page and learn more about Eric’s new Flexibility System. Hip Flexibility Band Stretch Sequence  Hamstring Stretch Sequence – this is one of the most effective ways to stretch your hamstrings.   Tight hips are huge problems that cause pain and injuries that prevent us from achieving our fitness goals and Eric’s new program shows you how to fix them. It gets my highest recommendation. nex page image

Hurdle Hip Mobility Drill – Warm Up Exercise

  Fellow Strength and Conditioning Coach Delroy Rhooms owner of SST Canada – Oakville, took me through a couple of new hip mobility drills before our training session. I have extremely tight hips, due to the lack of stretching throughout my professional sports career and it has caught up to me. Now using warm up drills before training to open and extend my hips so there is more mobility is a necessity. This was tough for me as I struggled but it helped prepare for my brutal training session. If you have tight hips then these drills are effective. Hip Hurdle Warm Up Drills Single Hurdle Hip Drill 3X 12-15 each leg Double Hurdle Hip Drill 3 x10 reps You may need to start using a lower barrier like bench, chair, or low hurdles. Once you feel the hips opening up and becoming more flexibility, then you can raise the barrier level. This hip mobility warm up drills before training sessions will help loosen up tight hips while bouncing on the balls of the feet. Great for MMA Athletes, Muay Thai Fighters, Kick Boxers, Tae Kwon Doe, Karate and Boxers Check these out and add them to your pre training warm up. Benefits to Increasing Hip Mobility • Athletes will get faster, and stronger • More Powerful Kicks • More Flexibility in Grappling • Better Range of motion in hip allows for more effective BJJ • Develop more leg strength will better squats • Less Chronic Back Pain • Improves your balance and co-ordination Funk-Flex Elite Strength and Conditioning for MMA and Combat Athletes – CLICK HERE  TO GET YOUR COPY – http://www.funkflexmmaworkouts.com  SST Oakville – http://www.sstcanada.com/oakville LOCATION: 505 IROQUOIS SHORE RD,UNIT # 12, OAKVILLE, ONTARIO L6H 2R3 (4600 Square foot training facility) EMAIL : OAKVILLE@SSTCANADA.COM PHONE: 905 338 1500