INTRODUCTION TO THE FOAM ROLLER A foam roller is simply a cylindrical piece of hard-celled foam. Basically, you just use your own body weight to sandwich the roller between the body’s soft tissue and the floor. The Foam is used to stretch areas that are hard to stretch and massage.   SPARTACUS FOAM ROLLER ROUTINE #1 Perform this routine before your training session or workout. Set your Gymboss Timer to 30 seconds with 10 sec transition time. Go through 1-2 rounds myofascial release. SPARTACUS FOAM ROLLER WORKOUT 2 Perform this routine before your training session or workout. Set your Gymboss Timer to 30 seconds with 10 sec transition time. Go through 1-2 rounds myofascial release.   (The goal is to roll over the specific tight muscle and with hold the position or slightly roll over the tight muscle. Like Stretching, foam rolling is NOT supposed to be painful, so ease up on the amount of pressure if it begins to get to painful. You may need a few rounds on a really tight muscle) SPARTACUS FOAM ROLLER EXERCISE LIET 1. Glutes 2:41 2. Hamstrings Both 2:54 Left 3:05 3. Hamstring Right 3:13 4. Calves Both 3:28 Calf Left 3:41 5. Calf Right 3:48 6. Hip Abductor-IT Band Right 3:54 7. Hip Abductor-IT Band Left 4:07 8. Lats Right 4:20 9. Lats Left 4:31 10. Lower Back 4:39 SPARTACUS FOAM ROLLER WORKOUT 2 1. Glutes/Hip Rotators – 2. Hip Adductor Left 3. Hip adductor Right 4. Middle Back 5. Upper Back 6. Neck 7. Triceps Left 8. Triceps Right 9. Shoulder Blades Left 10. Shoulder Blades Right The foam roller not only stretches muscles and tendons but it also breaks down soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue. This is called myofascial release. By using your own body weight and a cylindrical foam roller you can perform a self-massage or myofascial release, break up trigger points, and soothe tight fascia while increasing blood flow and circulation to the soft tissues. Your body weight provides all the pressure that you need to roll out pain, stiffness and even adhesions, or areas where connective tissue adheres to the bones. The superficial fascia is a soft connective tissue located just below the skin. It wraps and connects the muscles, bones, nerves and blood vessels of the body. Together, muscle and fascia make the myofascia system. Foam rolling can provide great benefit both before and after a workout. Whether you are getting ready to perform a Spartacus Workout or stretching routine it very important that you take the time to foam roll before you do that. So always foam roll before you stretch. Rolling after a workout may help speed up the recovery process so the next time you work out you feel fresh and ready to go. WHY I CHOSE THE FOAM ROLLER FOR THE SW2 (SPARTACUS WORKOUT 2.0) PROGRAM -OFFICIAL LAUNCH JUNE 2012 I know that the workouts are tough and can often course stiffness in the muscles, especially if you do not stretch enough. I found the Foam Roller extremely useful for me a few months back and live by this inexpensive piece of equipment. It was only natural for me to include it in the SW2 program along with a couple of massage routines to help you loosen up the fascial. BENEFITS • Inexpensive – $30 compared to the big bucks of a massage therapist • Done consistently foam rolling or self myofascial release will help you or the athletes you coach perform better for longer periods of time • The techniques are simple SHOPPING SUGGESTIONS My suggestion is to go with a high density foam roller or an EVA foam roller as they are known as the best in the market. With the cell foam, it is capable of handling weight and frequent use. Get yourself a longer roller as opposed to the shorter versions. One that’s too short will cause some issues. Avoid foam rollers that contain large gaps or pores in the foam. A quality roller will go for between $25-50 depending on what country you live in. TYPES OF FOAM ROLLERS 1. Low Density – this foam is low density and is softer; you can find this in white color but you should be aware that it will not last for a long time; this is ideal for starters 2. EVA foam – this is better than the bio-foam because it can provide you with greater pressure 3. Molded foam – a very good example is the PB Elite and you can find them in most gyms or fitness centers; high density small beads are molded to form this cylindrical roller 4. Grid – the inner core of the foam roller is hard and it has outer foam later of about one inch; this can provide you with the firmer feel that you love WHERE TO BUY YOUR FOAM ROLLER Purchase the EVA Premium Foam Roller from the Treadmill Factory (Canada only)