3 out of the top 4 shoulder injuries involve the rotator cuff so you need to keep them healthy. I know a lot of fighters that train and fight through this injury, which only leads to long time problems, surgery and early retirement. Here’s one of the best stretches you can do for your rotator cuff. I didn’t even know you could do this until Rick Kaselj, MS told me about it! I started using it yesterday and I can feel it. The deep fascial rotator cuff stretch is way more effective than other traditional static chest stretches because it hits the fascia in the shoulder. I have added this to my daily stretch routine Watch it in the video below. The fascia is connective tissue that encases muscles and connects groups of muscle together. With a regular chest stretch, you hit the muscle but what also is affected in a painful joint is the fascia. With shoulder pain, connective tissue shortens up and gets thick. We need to hit fascia in order to stretch it out, thin it out, and help the muscle move better while loosening up the shoulder. Regular static stretch of the chest does not do that. Click Here To Watch and Try a Sample Fascial Stretch from FMSP Train Hard, Stretch Daily, Fight Eazy!  


DUMBBELL SHOULDER PRESS We were shooting our new MMA Conditioning program videos this weekend and thought I would introduce Flex Marks as he instructed the Dumbbell Shoulder press for the program. As you may know, I include dumbbell shoulder presses in many of my workouts and found that there were a couple of tweaks I needed to make to ensure that I was getting the most out of the exercise and preventing any shoulder injuries. Did you know that the shoulder complex is the #1 injured area of the body for people who train with weights? If you have shoulder pain, please make sure to click the link to fix it with info from this Free Video Series the 5 Worst Exercises for Your Shoulders. Dumbbell Shoulder Press Video The 5 Worst Exercises For Your Shoulders & How To Fix Them – Shoulder Pain Fellow Canadian, Rick Kaselj and friend Mike Westerdal, has put together this fun little quiz to test your knowledge about BAD shoulder exercises and a 5 video series. Exercise #2 is this week’s FEOW above. Fix your shoulder pain so you can get back to pain-free workouts while avoiding expensive and time consuming appointments, medication and surgery. If you are delaying the start of your workouts or any of my programs because of shoulder injuries, then this is a great solution to help with shoulder problems you may be having. They’ll simply avoid certain exercises altogether or they’re taking time off from the gym hoping things will get better on their own. It can be very frustrating to deal with even a nagging injury that doesn’t require surgery. Shoulder strains are the most common diagnosis when people do decide to visit a health care provider. Instead of avoiding certain exercises altogether to taking time off from training learn what exercises to stay away from and the how to perform the effect shoulder exercises.