Fight Gone Really Bad Workout (Video)


Fight Gone Really Bad Workout inspired by the Crossfit version designed by Greg Glassman for UFC fighter BJ Penn. FunkMMA version uses the same protocol as Crossfit Fight Gone Bad, but with different exercises. You will get fatigued and your techniques will breakdown. YOU will most likely hit the wall, but this workout is designed to help you improve your overall cardio, conditioning, endurance, power and mental toughness. The goal is for you to be able to get through this workout as your conditioning improves. You can use this circuit into your overall training 1-2 times per month as a test to gauge your fitness. 5-Minute Rounds Perform each exercise for 60 seconds each with no rest in between. Rest for 1 minute and repeat for 3-5 rounds Count Your Reps! 1. Sprawls 2. Loaded Med Ball Jump Squats (30lbs) 3. Barbell Press Out Shuffles (25lbs) 4. Med Ball Explosive Push Ups 5. Dumbbell Abs Bicycles (10lbs)