Dewald Pretorius takes on the weight loss challenge to lose 30 kilograms before his 30th birthday in June 2012! Follow him, his exercise/eating routine and become part of this 5 month journey! I was so pumped when I received a message from Dewald thanking me for the weekly workouts and tips that I provided through this website and my FunkMMA Strength and Conditioning site.  I was impressed, proud and found inspiration in Dewald’s success in losing 31kgs so far this year.  His hard work and dedication make me LOVE providing you with workouts, nutrition info and health tips that help you reach your goals, but this is about Dewald. He started his fat loss quest in January 2012 and on top of that put in on Facebook so that he was accountable to everyone for the goals that he set.  Take a page out of Dewald’s book and make yourself accountable for the goals that you set by telling people what you are doing. Check out and “LIKE” his page so you can follow his journey and perhaps get inspiration from his success. Message from DEWALD – FAT MAN DIARY “Hey Funk, Thanks for all the tips, really helping me a lot, and keeping things interesting!  I have lost 31kgs since January this year; still have another 10kgs or so to lose! Will hopefully be ripped by end of September! Your workouts and weekly emails really helped me a lot! Go over to  and check out my progress since January this year! 😉 – Dewald”   DO YOU HAVE A SUCCESS STORY WITH BEFORE AND AFTER PICS? Send your story and pics to me and be part of the Spartan Wall of Fame –