30 MINUTE METABOLIC CARDIO CIRCUIT #1 Perform each set in a ladder format one after the other with no rest in between. SET 1 1. 3 minutes skip 2. 20 pushups 3. 20 jumping lunges 4. 20 Mountain Climbers 5. 20 Abs Hip thrusts 6. 20 Burpees SET 2 1. 3 minutes skip 2. 15 pushups 3. 15 jumping lunges 4. 15 Mountain Climbers 5. 15 Abs Hip thrusts 6. 15 Burpees SET 3 1. 3 minutes skip 2. 10 pushups 3. 10 jumping lunges 4. 10 Mountain Climbers 5. 10 Abs Hip thrusts 6. 10 Burpees SET 4 1. 3 minutes skip 2. 5 pushups 3. 5 jumping lunges 4. 5 Mountain Climbers 5. 5 Abs Hip thrusts 6. 5 Burpees

Lady Spartacus Metabolic Workout: Target Your Glutes, Thighs, Core and Shoulders

Workout Instructions 10 Exercise Circuit — 50-10 Intervals – Complete 3 Full Rounds – 36 Minutes Perform each exercise in succession for 50 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds rest. You will complete as many reps as you can with good form. Make sure you move rapidly through the reps. (not slow reps) 1. Barbell/Dumbbell Deadlifts 2. Plyo Pushups 3. Side Lunge and Shoulder Press 4. One Arm Tablemaker with Opposite Toe Touch 5. Dumbbell Reverse and Forward Lunge 6. Everest Climbers 7. Dumbbell Sumo Squats 8. Dumbbell Swings 9. Side to Side Burpees 10. Alternating Abs V-Ups and Outs I truly think the media and fitness magazines are great at showing women ineffective exercises and workouts to get toned and defined body. Do you honestly think that these easy workouts will get you the results you are looking for? You wish! – LOL It’s also my opinion that many women think they can get sexy legs and get rid of fat by doing dozens of reps on the inner-outer thigh machine. That sitting in a leg press machine to get tight glutes. Doing triceps kickbacks will define your arms. Performing endless crunches will get a flat tummy. I’m here to tell you that it just doesn’t work, but I am also here to help you. Compound movements give you the best bank for your buck when it comes to building a tight and defined body while increasing your metabolism so you can burn more calories. Add the right type of compound movements and you can truly target those trouble spots that you have struggled with for years. A Metabolic Resistance Workout like this one uses compound exercises with little rest in between in an effort to maximize calorie burn while targeting your glutes, thighs, core and shoulders. Using challenging weight while moving rapidly through each rep will stimulates the right muscles to that will actual target your trouble spots without wasting time with pointless isolation exercises. Here’s what I mean: Glutes The largest muscle group in your body is the glutes. Yet for women seem to be the most underdeveloped. Some major problems with why women fight it so hard to develop a sexy butt are that they are doing the wrong exercises that don’t allow the glutes to be engaged. If you think about it we are sitting most of the day at our desks, in our cars, on the couch or when we are standing we don’t squeeze our glutes. The best exercises for sculpting the butt are squats, deadlifts, swings and lunges. The key is squeezing your butt at the top of each movement. Mastering these foundation exercises and variations will build muscle which will help to burn the fat and tighten the tush. Thighs Your legs especially the thighs, adductors and abductors and one of the worst exercises is the sitting in the inner-outer thigh machine. The best ways to target the jiggly fat in between the legs and strengthen your quads are with lunges. Using lunges in all planes, forward, reverse and to the sides are the most effective movements. Tight Stomach Overall fat loss is the most important element in getting rid of the belly, but you should also tone the core muscles through stabilizing exercises like the plank variations as well as a variety of flexion exercises that hit the upper and lower abs as well as the obliques. Sexy Shoulders Toned and defined shoulders in a spaghetti string or a sleeveless evening gown scream sexy. Work the shoulders with overhead pressing movements and lateral raise variations. Overall Cardio and Fat Loss An intense metabolic workout like this one can burn over 500 calories in just 36 minutes. Metabolic training helps us to experience excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). The “Afterburn Effect” that measures the expended amount of calories that it takes for your body to return to homeostasis, your normal resting rate after a workout. Research shows that you can burn calories for up to 48 hours or more, so the more metabolic workouts you do, the faster you’ll lose weight! Switching to Metabolic Workouts with the right exercises, challenging weight and high intensity will help you get leaned and defined to the point where people will say “You look Fantastic! The fat will start to melt off; you’re going to look hot and sexy. It is not going to be easy and it will not happen overnight, but the more Lady Spartacus Metabolic workouts you do the more fat you will lose, the more lean muscle you will gain and you will LOVE the definition that you have built.


HOW TO BURN MORE FAT WITH THE AFTERBURN EFFECT WHY METABOLIC WORKOUTS BURN MORE FAT AND CALORIES THAN REGULAR CARDIO AT THE GYM! In the video above I spoke about SPARTAN Workouts or High Intensity Interval Training is amazing for burning fat due in part to EPOC. Physiological Effect to High Intensity Training such as my Spartan or Metabolic Workouts is known as Excess Post exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). High intensity interval circuit workouts place such an intense demand on the system that it takes your body up to 36 hours to work its way back to homeostasis (a normal state). This is essentially how much additional energy the body burns off above and beyond the calories burned off during the workout session in order to recover properly. After a metabolic workout your body’s metabolism is very high. Basically because you are resting at this time your body is tapping into the fat stores for energy through oxygen. Oxygen as you know burns fat. Your body takes a lot longer to recovery after metabolic workouts due to the fact that you work at such a high intensity for short period of time combining resistance training and cardio movements. Therefore your body is burning fat for a longer period. Science shows that your body can burn fat up to 36 after a HIIT workout (Spartan) – THAT’S GREAT! This literally turns you into a calorie and fat incinerating furnace, even if you’re just lying on the couch or on YouTube. On the flip side, after a long and boring 45-60 minutes duration on the elliptical or exercise machine at the gym, because you are not exercising at high level (per say) your EPOC or post workout metabolism is not that high nor does not last very long. – THAT’S NOT SO GREAT! Let’s compare: A) 30-40 minute metabolic workout burns fat for 24-36 hours after workout B) 45-60 minute duration on an exercise machine for traditional cardio workout burns fat 30-45 minutes after if you are lucky. DO YOU WANT TO BURN FAT? DO METABOLIC WORKOUTS! Check out Shin Ohtake website and workouts –


This was a workout Lady Spartan Princess Angela (soon to be wife) and I did at the gym the other day. I love working out with my girl and advise all of you to do the same. Training with your significant other really helps to bring you both closer together. The workout is a full body HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) circuit specifically targeting fat burning, cardio and strength building. It only takes 35 minutes and you can do this workout at home or in the gym with little equipment. (Your bodyweight, 1 kettlebell and a couple of dumbbells) See below the video for an exercise by exercise breakdown of this workout.  Leave comments!   SPARTACUS HIIT CARDIO WORKOUT FOR FAT LOSS Workout Instructions 10 Exercise Circuit – Complete 3 Full Rounds – 35 Minutes Perform each exercise in succession for 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest. You will do as many reps as you can, in that duration, then move on to the next exercise   After you complete all 10 exercises or one round in succession you will rest for 2 minutes. Then repeat 2 more times. SPARTACUS HIIT CARDIO WORKOUT FOR FAT LOSS 1. Kettlebell Swing, Catch and Squat 2. Push Up with Knee Opposite Elbow 3. Squat Push Ups and Tuck Jumps 4. Mini Abs V-Ups 5. Dumbbell Renegade Rows 6. Spiderman/woman Lunges 7. Belly Busters/Plank to Pike 8. Kettlebell Figure 8’s 9. Knee Ups 10. Table Makers What You Need: Gym Boss Timer: Kettlebells – Dragon Door: Post Workout Drink: SPARTACUS HIIT CARDIO WORKOUT FOR FAT LOSS  – THE BREAKDOWN Kettlebell Swing, Catch and Squat I got this exercise from Kettlebell Master Steve Maxwell.  Perform a Swing. At the top of the arc, release the kettlebell, and grab it by the ball. Pull it in to your chest and perform a squat. After completing the squat, give the bell a slight toss, and then re-grip it by the handle to swing it again. The entire body is involved in this movement, which also provides some excellent grip work. You can use a dumbbell for the exericse by holding it longways.   Push Up with Knee opposite Elbow – Grasshopper Pushups Next we hit the ground for an abs, core and upper body killer.  Start in a normal pushup position. Take your right knee and move it toward your left elbow, underneath your body and lower yourself to ground to do your pushup. As you push yourself back to the top, bring your knee back to the starting position. Repeat on the other side, alternating back and forth. Keep your leg off the ground once you extend it underneath your body  Squat Push Ups and Tuck Jumps I’m not gonna lie to you, this one was really tough, especially with the tuck jumps.  Once again a full body exercises that adds explosive plyometrics to the mix.  You will develop push-up and upper body strength.  Your legs will get really tired from the explosive tuck jumps at the top of the exercise.   Finally this will test your endurance and get your cardio up. You’re going to bend your knees and go into a squatting position. As you squat down your hips drop and hands go forward onto the ground in front of you.  You will bring your head towards the ground and then push yourself back up into a squat position, immediately performing a jump, while bring your knees to the chest (tuck jump).  Come back down softly and into the squat pushup.  You will develop endurance and full body strength.  Mini Abs V-Ups/Pulsating V-Ups This is an advance movement that targets the lower abs and upper back believe it or not.  You will be doing a mini V-up while pumping your arms back and forth.  At the start of the movement, keep your feet about 6 inches off the ground and your shoulders a foot off the ground.  Raise your back off the floor and lift your legs 45 degree angle, and then SLOWLY lower them both back down to start position.  Your feet and shoulders should never touch the ground.  If you have lower back problems then you can do Leg Raises instead. I could really feel the exercise working during this interval. It was tough! Dumbbell Renegade Rows The renegade row is an outstanding exercise that forces you to use all of the core muscles while also developing back, chest and grip strength.  Assume a push-up position over the dumbbells, so that, while gripping the bells, your chest is directly over them. You need to stay as rigid as possible. Tuck in your butt and squeeze the abs hard. Keeping your abs, hips and lower back tight and locked in place, row the weight using your back.  Don’t jerk the dumbbell up or drop it down to the floor when rowing The trick is to transfer your weight from one arm to another.  In other words, when you row the right dumbbell, imagine that you are pushing the left dumbbell into the floor.    Try not to twist at the hips as much.  Spiderman/woman Lunges This exercise is not your traditional one, so it may take you a few attempts to get used to the movement.    I was feeling sore in muscles that I wasn’t used to, which is good. These lunges stretch your groin and adductors, while working the glutes and thighs. Start in a standing position.  Lunge your right leg forward and slightly diagonal, bend at your waist and bring your hands down to the inside of your right leg, while touching the floor.  Push yourself back up to the start position, using your right thigh and leg muscles. Repeat to the other side  Belly Busters/Plank to Pike This is a great exercise for your core, shoulders, chest and butt. Begin in the push-up position with your torso straight, rigid and your body in a straight line from ears to toes with no sagging or bending.   Raise your butt as high as you can, while pushing your hips back and going onto your toes. Keep your arms straight and make sure your head is down.    Hold this position for a second and then lower your body back to the starting push up position.  Kettlebell Figure 8 to a Hold This exercise works on activating the stabilizer muscles of the core while also challenging your balance and coordination.  It also adds an explosive pull movement.  Stand upright holding the kettlebell in your left hand so that the bell is upside-down with the ball at your chest. You can support the ball of the kettlebell with your right hand. Make sure that you have your back in a neutral spine, your hips and glutes out, knees not tracking over the toes.    Let the kettlebell swing down in front of you and through your legs, bending at your waist and bending your knees. Keep your back straight. As the kettlebell passes through your legs, reach around behind your right leg with your right arm and grab the handle then swing straight through and in front of you so that you are standing upright and the kettlebell is at the starting position but in you right hand. Always drop the bell from the top position BETWEEN your legs… not to the outside (which would likely end badly for one of your knees).  Knee Ups This exercise is a great calisthenics and plyometric movement done by many Muay Thai fighters to help with their conditioning including Angela.  So I happily included it near the end of the workout.  I wanted to get the heart rate back up while targeting the legs and oblique.         Table Makers To end off this awesome workout, we added the Table Makers. Start by sitting up with your legs out in front of you.  Your feet should be shoulder width apart. Place your hands palm down by your hips. The fingers can be either pointing towards your toes or behind you. Sit on the ground with your legs straight out in front of you. In one motion, lift up your hips and try to push them up to the sky.  Squeeze your butt and push your feet into the ground.  Hold for a few seconds. Come back down to the first position and then repeat.  You should be inhaling on the up and exhaling on the way down.  Go through this circuit 2 -3 times and you’ll get a highly effective cardio workout. You will steadily be active for 25-35 minutes, so pace yourself.  The first round is usually the toughest as your body is getting used the intensity.  Use weights that are challenging and try to perform each exercise with good form and technique. Good Luck  Your Friend and Coach Funk Roberts FREE BODYWEIGHT GET LEAN AND RIPPED PROGRAM: FREE 4 WEEK SPARTACUS WORKOUT CHALLENGE: FUNK GYMBOSS TIMER: BLOG: SPARTACUSWORKOUTFAN: FUNKMMA: SUBSCRIBE FUNKTV:  


SPARTACUS 2.0 FAT BURNING WORKOUT Perform the Spartacus Workout as a circuit, doing one set of each exercise in succession. Each exercise is timed for 45 seconds. You will do as many reps as you can, in that duration (with perfect form), then move on to the next station in the circuit. You’ll get 15 seconds to transition between stations, and then move onto the next exercise. After you complete all 10 exercises or one circuit in succession you will rest for 1 minute. Then repeat 1 to 2 more times. That is what is called a 45-15 Interval workout EXERCISE LIST 1. ALTERNATE KETTLEBELL SWINGS 2. SIDE TO SIDE PUSH UPS 3. SUMO SQUAT JACKS 4. AB KNEE IN AND OUTS 5. BENT OVER ALT DUMBELL ROWS 6. GOBLET SQUAT 7. SWISS BALL V- UPS 8. KB HAND TO HAND SUMO DEADLIFTS 9. WIDE LEG RUNS 10. BURPEES WITH SIDE PLANK RAISE GET YOUR FREE 4 WEEK SPARTACUS WORKOUT PROGRAM AT