SPARTACUS WORKOUT BLOG – BEST FITNESS VIDEOS OF 2011 It’s that again to share some of my best and favourite fitness videos from the past year. In 2011, I posted well over 100 videos on my Funk Fitness You Tube channel and am compiling the best was a tough task. I have put the top videos into the following Video Categories: Best Overall Video, Best Spartacus, Best Lady Spartacus, Abs and Specialty Workouts, Best Diet and Nutrition and Supplement Videos. I am hoping that these videos will help you to kick-start your 2012 fitness journey in the right direction. Don’t forget to check out the Funk Fitness YouTube channel and subscribe so you don’t miss all of the amazing videos posted weekly… new workouts, nutrition for fat loss, supplement info, and motivation to help you reach your fat loss fitness goals. I hope you enjoy BEST OVERALL VIDEO OF 2011 FUNK’S PRO MUAY THAI FIGHT IN THAILAND – AMAZNG KNOCKOUT!     BEST SPARTACUS WORKOUTS SPARTACUS BLOOD AND SAND WORKOUT – FUNK ROBERTS SPARTACUS BODYWEIGHT WORKOUT #3     SPARTACUS  BODYWEIGHT WORKOUT “GET IT DONE”   SPARTACUS WORKOUT “MIDNIGHT EXPRESS”   SPARTACUS “GAME CHANGER” WORKOUT BEST LADY SPARTACUS WORKOUTS – WORKOUT FOR WOMEN   LADY SPARTACUS KETTLEBELL WORKOUT FOR LEAN AND SEXY BODY – ESTELLA   LADY SPARTACUS WORKOUT FOR GLUTES, LEGS AND CORE – DAVELLE “D-MO” LADY SPARTACUS WORKOUT FOR FAT BURN – PRINCESS ANGELA     BEST ABS WORKOUTS RIPPED ABS AND CORE SPARTACUS WORKOUT #1 SPARTACUS RIPPED ABS WORKOUT #5 – “GLADIATORS PREPARE FOR WAR”     BEST SPECIALTY WORKOUTS SPARTACUS TIRE WORKOUT FROM THAILAND SPARTACUS ULTIMATE SANDBAG WORKOUT #1   KETTLEBELL WORKOUT FOR LEAN RIPPED MUSCLES AND SEXY BODY   SPARTACUS TEEN WORKOUT – MUSCLE BUILDING AND FAT BURNING BEST NUTRITION VIDEOS OF 2011   NUTRITION FOR FAT LOSS PART 1 OF 3 NUTRITION FOR FAT LOSS PART 2 OF 3 – WHAT TO EAT FOR FAT LOSS NUTRITION BASICS FOR FAT LOSS PART 3 OF 3 – ONE DAY MEAL PLAN TEMPLATE FOR FAT LOSS   POST WORKOUT SMOOTHIE FOR FAT LOSS BEST SUPPLEMENT VIDEO OF 2011 POST WORKOUT SUPPLEMENT