Bench Press and Squat Workout

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been using a new program to help increase my overall strength that I lost the past few months focusing more on cutting weight, getting ripped and more muscular. So the guys from Critical Bench hooked me up with their new 8 week strength program. The Anabolic AfterGrowth workout has you doing ONLY compound movements. The primary lifts are done using heavier loads at lower rep ranges to make you stronger very quickly. The secondary compound lifts are done at moderate rep ranges to help with muscle size and the pump. In conjunction with that amazing approach, we’ve also added a bonus day every other week to give you even more mass gains! By implementing an ultra-high rep day for the Bench and Squat, you can expect to totally confuse and excite your muscles. In this video you are going to see me perform one set of each ultra high 25 rep set for the Bench and Squat. This is week 2 for me so it’s challenging but that’s how you grow both physically and mentally. Learn more about the Anabolic AfterGrowth Strength Program HERE If you want to build size and strength simultaneously then grab the Anabolic AfterGrowth Program HERE anabolic-aftergrowth-guide-300

Best Videos of 2014

Each year I highlight the top 10 videos I posted on my YouTube page and blog. This year I uploaded over 140 videos. Check out the top videos. 1. The 300 Abs Workout “Rise of the Abs” this is a highlight of a live abs finisher 2. Spartan Military Workout Spartan Military workout dedicated to all those who serve and protect us. Thank you for everything you do. 3. Dumbbell Complex Dumbbell Complex This workout is a dumbbell workout using a complex of 6 exercises. Complete each dumbbell exercise for 6 reps one after the other. Try not to rest. 4. TRX METABOLIC CIRCUIT TRX Workout – this is an metabolic TRX or Suspension trainer workout that you can try. The TRX circuit targets full body and includes lower and upper body exercises. 5. METABOLIC CIRCUIT TRUE WARRIOR True Warrior Circuit Perform as many reps as possible of each exercise for 60 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest. Complete all 10 exercises and rest for 2 minutes and finish 3 full rounds 6. 100 push up challenge workout #1 Push up workout challenge to help build upper body strength and chest muscles. Try this push ups challenge 2-3 X per week to help build muscle and strength. BONUS VIDEO Navy Seal Workout

Ultimate Combat Fitness Bundle (VIDEO REVIEW)

In this video I’m going to give you an inside look at what our new Combat Fitness Bundle has to offer and a sneak peek at the back-end. 7 months I began my journey to create a bundle of fitness programs that would help YOU to solve any barriers that you many be currently facing with reaching your health and fitness goals. So I contacted the some of the top trainers, coaches and experts in the industry to contribute their programs, workout and nutrition products and create the Ultimate Fitness Bundle! 72 eBooks bought for only $39 and it even includes 25 discount codes for various fitness products. Watch this 12 minute video to get an understanding of what is in the Bundle so you can make an educated decision on how this will help you to burst through plateaus or improve your overall health, wellness and fitness. Go check it out and order your bundle now, because it is ONLY available until the 10th of November (one week)

7X7 Quad Workout for Size and Strength

SP1.Still005In this video I will be taking you through a quad workout for strength using Vince Delmonte 7X7 Strength and Size solution. Even though the video states that it is a workout for MMA fighters, the 7X7 program is for guys that want to pack on overall size and strength in 6 weeks. You have probably completed the 5×5 strength developing exercise plan and the 10×10 size-building workout plan but have you ever tried intersecting the two rep ranges and performed 7 sets of 7 reps? Many traditional bodybuilding or strength building programs have the 8-12 rep range in bodybuilding circles or 1-6 rep range in strength building circles. Rarely, if ever, do you see an intersection of the two rep ranges colliding. Vince’s program is where size building meets strength-building and it’s the foundation of the7×7 Size & Strength Solution. 7X7 Quad Workout Click HERE to get 7X7 Size and Strength Solution only $7 headline 3 Leg Exercises in the 7X7 Quad Workout Barbell Squats – Squats are great for strength building because of the weight loaded on the entire body. Barbell Lunge – Lunge exercises show not only how strong you are but the muscular balance between your knee muscles (quads, hamstrings) vs. your hip muscles (glutes, hip flexors) Bulgarian Split Squats – This exercise targets the quads, glutes and soleus muscles and will help to build strength and stability in both legs. 7X7 Quad Workout for Size and Strength- Instructions LungesPerform this workout at the end of the week. Full Warm up with Dynamic stretch is needed. Your quads are going to be tight and if you have to train, that will play havoc on your knees (patellar tendonitis) 1. Back Squats – 7 sets of 7 reps 3 min rest in between 2. Alternating Barbell Lunge – 3 sets of 10-12 reps rest 60 sec 3. Bulgarian Split Squat 2 sets of 21’s rest 60 sec 21’s 7 reps below parallel (stretch position) 7 reps full reps. 7 reps above parallel (contracted position) Fitness enthusiasts: you’re going to want to do these exercises on the day before a rest day after any heavy lifting…don’t say I didn’t warn you. Click HERE to get 7X7 Size and Strength Solution only $7 headline You’ve done 10×10… you’ve done 5×5… but watch what happens when you intersect the two rep ranges and exploit the power of 7. It’s not a random number nor is it gimmickry, it’s a strong-based protocol that will get you big and strong — and it’s one of my few programs that can be used by beginners and advanced trainees alike. Here is the logic behind the magic number 7: Analyze the science behind rep selection and you’ll discover that 1-6 reps is for building relative strength, 6-8 reps is for functional hypertrophy, 9-12 reps is for hypertrophy and 13-20 reps is for strength endurance. Of course there is always overlap but there is always a dominant training effect. If you look at many traditional bodybuilding or strength building programs, you’ll notice a lot of favouritism to the 8-12 rep range in bodybuilding circles or 1-6 rep range in strength building circles. Rarely, if ever, do you see an intersection of the two rep ranges colliding. Until today… That realization was my inspiration behind the magic of the seventh rep. It’s where size-building meets strength-building and it’s the foundation of The 7×7 Size & Strength Solution. The seventh rep falls just outside of the realm of what would be considered a pure strength-building program and just below the lower end for protocols favoring size and mass. You’ll find that seven reps is low and heavy enough for getting you super strong but also light enough to create fatigue and stress within a muscle, the key ingredients for promoting size.                   What’s Included In The 7×7 Size & Strength Program? 
  • Manual which includes more on the science and logic of the 7 sets of 7.  You’ll learn why my success with the 5×5 and 10×10 program influenced7x7 and why I believe this is one of the most innovative training systems to build size and strength, simultaneously.
  • How to calculate your calories and macros for this program.
  • The diet plan I’ve been following to bulk up lately.
  • A listing of optimal supplements for the 7×7 workout.
  • Detailed workout sheets – sets, reps, exercise substitutions, rest, tempo.
  • Over 2-hours of INSTRUCTIONAL DVD’s – I wasn’t going to do this but I invited in four of our own students to go through the entire program and you’ll get to learn all the intricacies and watch me optimize their technique, which will be an excellent learning experience.   I added the DVD’s because eventually I want to sell this for $47 or more.

Back Tri-Set Workout

Back Tri-Set Workout Back Tri-Set Workout As a workout, perform 10 reps of each exercise, one after the other for one complete set. Rest for 3-5 minutes and repeat for a total of 3-4 sets. Bent Over Barbell Row Standing Machine High Pulls DB Renegade Rows 3 Ways to Use Back Tri-Set Workout 1. Back Trisets Workout – use this as a full back workout 2. Back Finisher – use one round after your regular training session 3. Improve Lagging Body parts – Use on your free workout day if using Metabolic Training to help build and focus on your back