April 26, 2017

Dumbbell Follow Along Workout (Raw Version)

So today I am bringing you a Live Raw version of my wife Angela and I performing a dumbbell circuit from my upcoming soon to be released program. Although there is no coaching (it’s just my MEVO video camera on us) you can train along side us. The video only shows one round, but we ended up performing 3 rounds with 1-minute rest in between.
Here is the Dumbbell Workout that we did using hybrid movements to tackle the entire body. The weight we used varied from 20 – 45lbs depending on the exercise. Instructions: Perform each exercise for 30 seconds of work followed by 15-second rest one after the other for 2 straight rounds. (That’s 1 set) – Rest 1 minute and repeat for 3 full sets. Exercise List: DB Alternating One Arm Clean and Press to Squat and Press DB Renegade Row Push Ups DB Reverse Lunge to Bicep Curls DB Alternating Snatch to Burpees (no push up) Check out the video below to see one round

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