February 2, 2015

Contrast Training to Build Size and Muscle (Video)

Dumbbell Chest PressScientifically proven, Contrasts are an effective way to develop more power and explosive strength, which is important to improving athletic performance. You can also use this training method to build size and muscle (hypertrophy), by altering the rep and sets scheme. Developed in Russia and Eastern Europe in the 1960s-70’s Contrast training is a great way to charge you up so you can display greater levels of strength and power through what’s called Post-Activation Potentiation (PAP) The PAP effect is simply when the muscle force is greater after performing the initial strength exercise because the signal from the central nervous system to the muscle has been optimally activated. To develop muscle you need intensity and volume, which contrast training, will give you. There are a few ways Contrasts can help you to build muscle. Adding this training alone will help shock your muscles into growth by adapting to the new training stimulus. As mentioned above this contrasts sets are a combination of heavy lifts and explosive exercises, which are known to recruit maximum motor unit recruitment. Which means more muscles are needed to get the job done. Your work capacity and volume increases as well because of the reps performed with both heavy and explosive exercises. When performing Contrast pairs or super sets for best results your total volume should be 4-6 sets. pull upsReps for the heavy lift can be between 6-10 and for the explosive exercises within 6-10 reps. Your rest periods between each exercise should be no more than 15 seconds and 1-2 minutes between sets. Substitute contrast-training pairs with your normal chest or upper body workout. You can use these 2-3 times per week alternating upper body and lower body pairings. The two videos below are examples of Contrast training pairs for upper body. Although in the video we are training power and explosive strength, you can change the reps and sets of the exercises to suit hypertrophy training and muscle growth. Chest Pairs Workout Dumbbell Chest Press 4-6 Reps (75% load) MMA Push Ups – 8 Reps Rest 2 minute and repeat for 4-5 sets Back-Lats Pairs Workout Bent Over Rows – 8 Reps Churpees (Burpee Chin Ups) – 8 Reps Rest 2 minute and repeat for 4-5 sets  

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