December 31, 2014

Best Videos of 2014

Each year I highlight the top 10 videos I posted on my YouTube page and blog. This year I uploaded over 140 videos. Check out the top videos. 1. The 300 Abs Workout “Rise of the Abs” this is a highlight of a live abs finisher 2. Spartan Military Workout Spartan Military workout dedicated to all those who serve and protect us. Thank you for everything you do. 3. Dumbbell Complex Dumbbell Complex This workout is a dumbbell workout using a complex of 6 exercises. Complete each dumbbell exercise for 6 reps one after the other. Try not to rest. 4. TRX METABOLIC CIRCUIT TRX Workout – this is an metabolic TRX or Suspension trainer workout that you can try. The TRX circuit targets full body and includes lower and upper body exercises. 5. METABOLIC CIRCUIT TRUE WARRIOR True Warrior Circuit Perform as many reps as possible of each exercise for 60 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest. Complete all 10 exercises and rest for 2 minutes and finish 3 full rounds 6. 100 push up challenge workout #1 Push up workout challenge to help build upper body strength and chest muscles. Try this push ups challenge 2-3 X per week to help build muscle and strength. BONUS VIDEO Navy Seal Workout

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