November 17, 2014

Metabolic Bodyweight Circuit and Abs Workout

Here is a highlight of my conditioning class form last week at This week I crushed the crew with a metabolic bodyweight circuit followed by abs and core training. I love metabolic bodyweight training because it’s a great way to burn fat, while building lean muscle, improving cardio and improving mobility. Using bodyweight exercises is generally better on the joints and will make them stronger while decreasing chances of injury. The abs training at the end of the workout is essential to help strengthen the core and build your six-pack midsection Add Metabolic Bodyweight circuit’s at least 3X per week if you want to get amazing results. Abs and core should be trained at least 3X per week. Bodyweight HIIT Circuit Do 2 rounds of this 10-exercise circuit. Perform each exercise for 60 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest one after the other with no rest in between. Rest for 2 minutes and finish 2-3 rounds Abs and Core Finisher As a finisher complete one round of each exercise one after the other for 1 minute followed by 10 second rest. Exercise List Burpee Kickouts Push Up Alternating Leg Raises Forward to Reverse Lunge Static Leg Raise Alternating Front Kicks and Knee Strikes Table Top Triceps Press Sprints Low Pulsating Squats High Plank Dynamic In and Outs Sprawls Exercise List Low Plank Leg Lifts Hip Thrusts High Side Plank Right High Side Plank Left Leg Raises Plank Oblique Tucks Right Plank Oblique Tuck Left Abs In and Outs

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