June 27, 2014

Transformers Metabolic Workout

Transformers Metabolic Workout Transform your body with this awesome metabolic circuit Perform as many reps as possible of each exercise for 60 seconds of work followed by 15 rest. Take a 2-minute break and repeat for 3 full rounds. Exercise List 1. Kettlebell High Pull Swings 2. Blast Off Push Ups 3. Jumping Plyo Squats 4. V-Ups 5. Explosive Jacks-Predator jacks 6. Renegade Push Up Rows 7. Stability Ball Stir The Pot 8. Shoulder Raise Complex 9. Side to Side Single Leg Hops (or 2 leg hops) – Rd 1 Right Rd 2 Left Rd 3 30-30 10. Kettlebell High Pulls

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