April 30, 2014

TRX 300 Workout Challenge

We all know how popular the 300 workout was for getting the cast of he movie 300 ripped and athletic. This is my Suspension Training version of the 300 workout. You will need a TRX or any other suspension trainer and you perform each exercise one at a time for the prescribe reps with little to no rest in between. The goal is to complete all 12 exercises in the fastest time. Make sure you warm up before and stretch after this 300 workout and leave your time on the comments. Exercise List 1. Jump Squats 40 reps 2. 1 Arm Chest Press R 15 reps 3. 1 Arm Chest Press L 15 reps 4. TRX Lunge or Balance Lunge R 20 reps 5. TRX Lunge or Balance Lunge L 20 reps 6. TRX Inverted Rows 30 reps 7. Mountain Climbers 40 reps (right/left = 1 rep) 8. Biceps Curls 30 reps 9. Triceps Press 20 reps 10. Hamstring Runners 20 reps (right/left = 1 rep) 11. Plank Crunches 30 reps 12. TRX Pendulum 20 reps Click HERE to Get Ripped Abs with 191 Amazing Never-Seen-Before Suspension Exercises as Suspension Training Expert Dan Long Personally Coaches You Through Over 2,000 Fat-Burning Reps and 20 Weeks of NEW High-Energy Suspension Revolution Workout Videos suspbundle2  

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