November 18, 2013

SUCCESS STORY: She Worked Out 2 Hours a Day and Got No RESULTS Until…

My Story: Bernadette’a Story In high school, I always had low self esteem about my body. At age 16, I took the initiative to start getting active in sports. After I lost weight over one of my high school summers, I kept a regular exercise routine. I never cared for nutrition and ate whatever I wanted because I was constantly staying active in a sport or some kind of physical activity like biking or running. I am now 28, and this past year, I noticed my body was not as toned as it used to be. I realized I didn’t have the same metabolism I did as a teen or in my early 20s. I was still keeping my small frame but I didn’t have the definition I wanted. Doing the same exercise routine daily was causing me to plateau even though I was working out for 2 hours a day 5 days a week. I’ve always feared carrying more than 5lb weights because of the myth of getting “too bulky” and I would constantly stick to steady pace cardio. I kept routinely getting emails from Women’s Health Magazine about the Spartacus Workout and HIIT. I did a search for a free workout program and came across Funk’s free 4 week program. After completing the four week program, I noticed an increase in my strength and endurance. My only regret was not tracking my progress. My Testimony: I decided to try Funk’s 10 Week Spartan Program and followed the exercise and nutrition plan religiously. This program is amazing! My workout time was cut in half. Max workout time was 41 minutes and I saw results in every weekly picture and measurements I took. I stopped believing the myths about lifting heavier and getting bulky.   I am currently using 15lb kettle bells and sometimes 20 lbs depending on the exercise. I started with a 12 inch plyo box and now I am able to clear a 30 inch plyo box. A heavier weight with the HIIT Spartacus Program will help you burn fat and preserve lean muscle. I have increased strength and endurance. I can jump higher and run faster. I have never felt more energetic. Each workout is different which gives you the muscle confusion and variety you need to keep you from hitting a plateau. I believe the most important part is the nutrition. If your diet is not right, your body will not change. Laura D’s nutrition guide is easy to follow but you have to dedicate time to prep your food for the week and stick with it. What lifestyle changes did I have to make? * I’m a nurse. I work 12 hour shifts so I woke up an extra hour earlier to complete my workout before work and went to bed an hour earlier to get enough sleep before the next workout day. *I picked a day off to make sure my meals were prepped for the week. *I made healthier eating choices by following the nutrition plan. What were my motivations? *I have a family history of hypertension. I was diagnosed with chronic hypertension at the age of 23. I am currently 28. I know most people would never think that by looking at me but it’s genetic. I have a family history of high cholesterol. Although I have not been diagnosed, I wanted to change my unhealthy eating habits and make better nutrition choices for myself long-term. My frustration with no change in my body and working out 2 hours a day made me realize I had reached a plateau and I needed a change in my exercise and nutrition routines. I was losing self-confidence and self-esteem in myself. Encouragement to others: I understand that everyone is individualized and may be at different fitness levels. Do what you can. Start out walking, jogging, then running. Start out with body weight, light weight, then heavier weights. Gradually build yourself up and don’t quit. However, if you want the change you desire, try Funk’s 10 Week Spartan program. It will not steer you wrong. As Funk would say, “GET IT DONE!” Many Thanks! Thank you Funk for the excellent workout program and Laura for the easy to follow nutrition plan. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done but one of the most rewarding. Bernadette C

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