August 10, 2013

Interview: Funk Roberts on Strength and Conditioning For Combat Fighters and People That Want To Get “Fit Like A Fighter”

Funk Roberts is quickly becoming one of the industry leaders in strength and conditioning for MMA and Combat Athletes. His knowledge, information and resources have helped professional combat fighters win championships and every-day people get into the best shape of their lives. Check out this interview with Train Aggressive Travis Stoetzel where Funk discusses strength and conditioning, nutrition and importance of training for fighters   Video Clip Breakdown 0:19 – Intro to Funk Roberts 1:48 – How Funk Got Started as an Online Fitness Trainer and MMA Conditioning Coach 6:22 – Funk’s Mission for the MMA and Combat Fighters and Fitness 9:10 – Breakdown of Training for MMA and Combat Fighters 11:39 – Sample Week of Training for Combat Athlete and People that Want to Fit Like A Fighter 15:08 – Nutrition for athletes and fat loss while building muscle and keeping Strength 19:19 – Result of Combining Metabolic Training with Clean Nutrition 20:22 – What Funk’s Training Looks Like 23:10 – What one Strength Tool Funk would bring if he was on an Island 25:30 – Thursday Throwdown for the Train Aggressive Tribe 27:30 – Launch of 10 Week Program UNBREAKABLE-BADASS-Header   FunkFlex_ESC-03  

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