July 11, 2013

How to Use “CHEAT” Meals to Burn More Fat

In this video I will explain how to use “Cheat Meals” to help you burn more fat, stay sane, curb your craving and boost your metabolism. And don’t forget to pick up your  new 31-page free report that reveals SEVENTEEN “cheat” foods that manipulate hormones to BURN serious belly flab…and fast below. You can get the entire list of cheat foods (on page 12) How to Eat What You Want And Burn More Fat If you think I eat clean and healthy 100% of the time, you are crazy! Even I like the foods that are “bad” for you once in a while. The fact is you need to “Cheat” on your healthy nutrition once in a while, to help keep you in control and set you up to stay on your plan long term. One of the strategies I use is to have planned “Cheat Meals” throughout each month. Implementing these “Cheat Meals” has allowed me to stay lean, muscular and ripped over a long period of time. The advantages are: 1. Sanity – It is hard to eat clean every day of the year without going in sane and having planned cheat meal will help keep you from going “crazy” 2. Curbs Cravings that we usually have throughout the month helping you to stick to your clean diet long term. 3. Boost Metabolism – Believe it or not, when you have been eating healthy for a long period of time and suddenly shock your system with a fattening meal, you will reset your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories 4. Control Over Your Diet – when you have control over your diet you are more likely to stick with it for a long period of time, helping you to reach your goals faster. So I have and suggest 3 planned cheat meal per month if you want to be lean and ripped. 1. Planned Night/Day/Breakfast with Wife – I always have one cheat meal with my wife every month where we go have breakfast at the local greasy spoon. 2. Unforeseen Circumstance – I also keep a cheat meal open for if I go out to function or something 3. Healthy Cheat meal to curve any craving I may have – For that it is usually a Chicken Lasagna (big portion) once per month usually on a Sunday after a really clean week, to help re-boost the metabolism…but it’s not really cheating as it’s chicken lasagna which is just really high in starchy carbs on a non workout day! – METABOLIC STIMULATION 4. Bonus Cheat Meal (Woman Only!) – Women score an extra cheat meal to help with strong sugar cravings that most get during the menstrual cycle. I think planned cheat meals are important for sanity, metabolic stimulation and having control over your diet and nutrition… DO NOT HAVE Cheat DAYS!!!! You can’t sprinkle cheat meals in here and there, the meals also do not carry over for the next month if you miss one and use a calendar to plan them monthly. These 17 CHEAT foods Burn Belly Fat FAST (#6 is my favourite) There are a couple of Nutritionists that I work with or go to regarding fat loss and my good friend Joel Marion is on the top of the list. Joel is GIVING away a brand new 31-page free report that reveals SEVENTEEN “cheat” foods that manipulate hormones to BURN serious belly flab…and fast. You can get the entire list of cheat foods (on page 12) ==> http://funkroberts.thefatburninghormone.com/17-cheat-foods/ He also shows you how these 17 foods tie into the ONE solitary hormone that controls literally EVERY piece of the weight loss puzzle. In fact, if you don’t learn to control this hormone, you can pretty much forget about losing fat altogether…it literally controls everything. Get it here: ==> http://funkroberts.thefatburninghormone.com/17-cheat-foods/ Enjoy! Your Friend and Coach Funk Roberts  

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