April 5, 2013


Lower Abs Circuit For Solid-Rock Hard Abs Use this Lower Abs Workout at the end of your training session or as an added workout on your off day. This circuit targets the entire abs region but emphasizes the lower abs. Perform each exercise one after the other for 30 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds rest. Rest for 60-90 seconds and repeat for 3 full rounds. Exercise List 1. Plate Around the World – Clockwise 2. Plate Around the World – Counter-clockwise 3. Alternating Hanging Knee and Leg Raises 4. Russian KB/DB Rows 5. Bench Leg Raises and Knee Crunch 6. Bar Roll Outs – Abs Wheel 7. Lying V-Ups and Knee Grabs 8. Hanging Side to Side Knee Raises LOSE THE BELLY FAT AND GET RIPPED ABS IN 25 DAYS with this Sparta Abs Workout Challenge and Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Plan – CLICK HERE  

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