January 16, 2013

Battle Ropes Finisher

Battle Ropes (also known as  climbing ropes, fitness ropes and battling ropes ) are an amazing tool that provide an intense workout for improving muscular strength, endurance, cardiovascular conditioning, have substantial fat burning properties. Battle Ropes Finisher Circuit As a Finisher perform each exercise for 30 seconds each with no rest in between 1. Battle Rope Alternating Lateral Side Step Waves 2. Battle Rope Up – Down Waves 3. Battle Rope Alternating Waves 4. Battle Rope Slither Waves 5. Battle Rope Jumping Jacks 6. Battle Rope Mini Waves 7. Battle Rope Grapplers Hip Toss 8. Battle Rope Alternating Lateral Side Step Waves When I have access to them, I ensure that they are included as part of my training. Whether you are an MMA or combat fighter training to improve you overall conditioning, grip strength and shoulder endurance, an athlete looking to enhance explosiveness and core strength or someone that wants to use an exercise tool to effectively burn fat and build muscle with low risk of injury, the Battle Ropes are the way to go. Here are some of the benefits to adding Battle Ropes to your training: • Huge Metabolic Impact which relates to burning fat and building lean muscle • Battle ropes are one of the best ways to increase overall work capacity that provides an intense muscle shredding workout • As a Combat or MMA athlete you can build incredible grip, forearm, core, and shoulder strength. • A combat athlete can use the rope to enhance their conditioning level • Battle Ropes work you muscles in ways that few other training tools can by both utilizing your shoulders, hips, and abs and also forcing you to brace your core and stabilize your spine during explosive movement. • Battling Ropes build explosiveness • They’re low impact: Low impact and low risk of injury? THIS IS AN IMPORTANT FACTOR CAUSE YOU WANT TO train at the highest level to cerate the biggest work capacity without the risk of injury. • Low to no impact on the joints, which is important for longevity. • Elevates heart rate just as much as running. • Involves the entire body • They’re easy to learn WANT YOU OWN BATTLE ROPES – GET THE STROOPS BEAST ROPES – CLICK HERE

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