October 5, 2012


Do you want to increase your strength? Do want to build lean muscle? Over the past few weeks, I have been getting bombarded with emails and YouTube comments from people that are concerned about doing my metabolic workouts and losing strength. That can be further from the truth. The reasons why I use these metabolic workouts are to increase my strength and build muscle. Remember 4 years back used to be 210lbs of puffy muscle and although I had strength, I was not a muscular and lean. Fast forward to today and I am 185lbs, ripped and have more overall strength than ever. (It didn’t take long for me to get there either). The fastest way to increase your strength and build muscle is ensuring that you include the “BIG” compound movements into your training. Those are the exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once. If you follow my workouts you know that I always include at least 3-4 of the “BIG” exercises in the circuit, to ensure that these metabolic workouts are effective at helping you and myself increase our strength. METABOLIC RESISTANCE WORKOUT METABOLIC RESISTANCE WORKOUT 10 Exercise Circuit — 45-15 Intervals – Complete 3 Full Rounds – 36 Minutes Perform each exercise for 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest. You will complete as many reps as you can with good form. Make sure you move rapidly through the reps. Challenge yourself with heavy weights were possible and aim for at least 15 reps per exercise with weight and as many reps as possible with your bodyweight. EXERCISE LIST
    1. Terminators
    2. Kettlebell/Dumbbell Clean and Press R – 40lbs
    3. Kettlebell/Dumbbell Clean and Press L – 40lbs
    4. Kettlebell Goblet Squat – 40lbs
    5. Superman Pushups OR Push ups
    6. Dumbbell Snatch L – 60lbs
    7. Dumbbell Snatch R – 60lbs
    8. Standing Dumbbell Rows L – 60lbs
    9. Standing Dumbbell Rows R – 60lbs
    10. Log Runs
    Here are movements you should include in your workouts if you want to get the best and fastest results.
  Best Exercises to Increase Strength and Building Muscle UPPER BODY • Bench Press variations • Push Up variations • Pull-up / chin-up variations • Row variations • Dips • Military press variation • Clean & Press • Snatches LOWER BODY • Squat variations • Deadlift variations • Lunge variations • Back Extensions • Plyometrics CORE TRAINING GET IT DONE!

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