August 31, 2012


I LOVE PULL UPS To me the Pull Up is the ultimate test of your fitness level. People always ask me how much can you bench. The TRUE WARRIORS…The ULTIMATE FIT BEASTS…THE ELITE AHTLETES can bang out a few rounds of pull-ups with ease. That is the true test of your total upper body strength and endurance. I’m talking FULL PULL UPS TOO! FUNK’S PULL UPS
You can pretty much cheat your way through practically any exercise, but not pull-ups. You can either do them or you can’t. I starting to add more pull ups and chin ups to my Spartan Workout routines and that means for some men and women out there, my programs are unreachable for some. I want you to be able to do pull ups, I even want you to cheat. There I said it. It doesn’t sound right, but yes, if you want to learn how to do more pull ups, you need to cheat a little. Enter, my new friend Shawna K (by the way, Shawna is a 49 year old mom, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada) who consistently bangs out 20+ pull ups on any given day. See the second video below. It’s quite amazing! In the fitness circles, Shawna is fondly known as the “Pull-Up Queen” and a she’s been teaching a method of training called ‘controlled cheating’ and it’s going to help get your first pull up or your tenth, or more. Check out the video below to see Shawna K provide three tips to mastering the pull up. These tips are all methods of ‘controlled cheating’ that you can use to help you improve your pull up power. The first pull up tip is to get into the best body position. The second pull up tip is to try an assisted pull up using a resistance band. The third pull up tip is to incorporate a ‘kip’.
To learn more, head to DO PULL UPS NOW Imagine all the attention you’ll get while doing rep after rep of pull ups – from the gym staff, to the trainers, to the beginners getting back into shape, and even to those in single digit body fat – your pull-up prowess will not only draw their attention, but earn their respect and admiration as well – especially if you’re a woman.
You need a step-by-step guide to help anyone, even someone that can’t do a single pull up, improve his or her strength. You need a comprehensive program that addresses full body strength building. SHAWNA K WORKOUT FOR BETTER PULL UPS Here’s a cool workout that will help a beginner get closer to an unassisted pull up: 1-Stick ups – 10 reps No rest 2-Scapular retraction -Do as many Reps as possible Rest for 30 seconds 3a-Assisted pull ups with controlled descent – 10 reps No rest 3b- Cable Row – 10 reps Rest for 30 seconds Repeat both exercises 4-DB row – 10 reps Rest 30 seconds repeat 5-Hanging leg raises – 10 reps Rest 30 seconds repeat 6-DB bicep curls -10 reps Rest 30 seconds repeat 7-Incline DB press -10 reps Rest 30 seconds Repeat 8a-Push ups – 10 reps No rest 8b- Plank Hold – 30 second hold Rest 30 seconds Repeat both exercise 2 more times (3 Sets Total) 9-DB front raise -10 reps Rest 30 seconds repeat 10-DB tricep overhead press -10 reps Rest 30 seconds repeat 11-Barbell deadlift – 10 reps Rest 30 seconds repeat 12-Barbell squat – 10 reps Rest 30 seconds repeat 13a-Spider crawl – 10 reps per leg No rest 13b-Reverse Hip Lift – 10 reps per leg 30 rest Repeat Both exercises 2 more time (3 sets total) Static Stretching   To learn more, head to Here’s a re-cap of the promo: • lowered the price to just $19.99 (but the price will double on Friday) • added the Endurance Power Builder Program as a bonus • added two other bonuses not currently available: Super Hero Challenge Workouts and Hardcore Challenge Workouts • added the long awaited Ab Challenge program AFFILIATE DISCLAMER: In accordance with the FTC guidelines I am required to inform you that some of the links within this email or the links on pages it refers you may be affiliate links. When this is the case, if you purchase products through these links then we receive a commission. The amount of commission varies from product to product and in these cases we only ever recommend a product that we fully stand behind.

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