March 14, 2012


SPARTACUS MMA WORKOUT – THE DESTROYER This was a challenging workout that I did the other day at facility in Brooklin, Canada. It’s a great workout for MMA and other athlete looking to improve strength, conditioning, core strength, explosiveness and muscular endurance using dumbbells, kettlebells, plyometrics and your bodyweight. You can see the mini-breakdown of each exercise and what it the core focus of the movement is. Try it this week and let us know how it goes. Don’t forget to “Like” me on Facebook. I am going to post an exclusive workout on the page next week – “LIKE” ME CLICK HERE –  SPARTACUS WORKOUT FOR MMA ATHLETES – THE DESTROYER Workout Instructions 10 Exercise Circuit – Complete 3 Full Rounds – 41 Minutes Perform each exercises in succession for 60 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest. You will do as many reps as you can, in that duration, then move on to the next exercise After you complete all 10 exercises or one round in succession, you will rest for 2 minutes. COMPLETE 3 ROUNDS 2 Arm Kettlebell High Swings – 50lbs 4:45 – power, explosiveness, core strength and conditioning Dumbbell Burpee Blasts 25lbs 5:16 – Explosiveness, strength, conditioning/cardio, full body (upper and lower body endurance) Abs Alternating Power Thrusts (In and Outs) 5:31 – Core and Abs strength 4 Square – Jump Squat – Split jump-Jump squat – Split Jump 5:48 courtesy of Dan Hickman – Plyometrics, explosive, muscular endurance, conditioning Alternating Staggered Plyometric Push Ups 6:04 – Upper body strength, endurance and explosiveness Side Plank and Dumbbell Arm Raise 10lbs – Right 6:14 – Core strength, Oblique’s, shoulder strength, balance and stability Side Plank and Dumbbell Arm Raise 10lbs – Left 6:24 – Core strength, Oblique’s, shoulder strength, balance and stability Super Star Plyo Jumps 6:34 – Plyometrics, explosiveness, lower body, muscular endurance and conditioning Dumbbell Judo Alternating Side Swings 30lbs 6:47 – Core, Upper Body and muscular endurance, Power Grasshopper Sit-Thru’s 7:06 – Core/ Abs, Balance, Mobility and stability, Explosiveness, muscular endurance   Good Luck    


  1. OK. I just did this workout. I’ve done all your other advanced workouts and have to say…this is the toughest one for me! I have been able to complete all the other workouts as stated. This one I have had to lower the recommended weights a bit just to complete. This one is kickin’ my butt…hopefully do better on Wed. Thanks!

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