October 3, 2011


STEVE MAXWELL- SPARTACUS WORKOUT PROGRAM BUY NOW: http://www.groundfighter.com/Spartacus-the-workout/ Steve Maxwell is back with one of his most incredible instructional DVDs ever, The Spartacus Workout! This highly advanced workout (not recommended for beginners) is designed to drive your muscle endurance, core strength and overall mobility to the max to achieve the ultimate Gladiator look! Steve has created this highly effective workout by researching the ancient writings of Galen (trainer to Roman gladiators in 157 AD) and has combined them with the well published routines used by the actors to get totally ripped for the recent Spartacus film roles. Each of the 16 exercises in this challenging 45 minute long workout are based on exercises that the real Spartacus would have done in training as Steve uses Kettlebells, Indian Clubs, body weight and more to mimic the movements of rock lifting, sword training, strength building and other insane Gladiator training methods. Blending ancient exercises with modern day training methods, the Spartacus workout uses the 40/20 split routine and combines all of the exercises into metabolic pairs so not only will you build strength and endurance, you will shock your metabolism to shred fat for that ripped Spartacus look!

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