September 29, 2011


SPARTACUS TEEN WORKOUT – MUSCLE BUILDING AND FAT BURNING I love living with my teen. It is so cool being able to workout with Funk Jr anytime we want. Whether it’s doing a workout, playing basketball, football or flexing in the mirror (seriously)…I think my narcissism may have rubbed off on the poor child. There is nothing like spending quality time with my boy and advocate a healthy lifestyle at the same time. We shot this workout last week to address all the teens that have been asking me for advice on training. I go off on a little tangent during the intro to dispel the myths that working out during your teens will STUNT YOUR GROWTH. Funk Jr. was a true warrior on this hot and humid day. He’s 14, almost 6ft and as he puts it “WANTS TO BE JACKED” – lol SPARTACUS TEEN WORKOUT This Spartacus Teen Workout focuses on overall muscle building, abs and core strength, conditioning and power — this workout targets every muscle in your body using multi-joint exercises and metabolic resistance training to get you ripped and muscular or help you lose weight. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds rest. One after the other with no rest (do as many reps as possible with good form during the work period) Rest for 90 second after you complete all 10 exercises and repeat for 2 more rounds – TOTAL 3 ROUNDS SPARTACUS TEEN WORKOUT 30 SEC-15 SEC -90 sec KETTLEBELL SWINGS PUSH UPS BURPEES ABS IN AND OUTS DUMBBELL DOUBLE BENT OVER ROWS ALT LUNGE SWISS BALL PLANK KETTLEBELL GOBLET SQUAT JUMPING JACKS CORE SIDE PLANK REACH UNDERS  

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 7 TIPS FOR TEENS WHEN STRENGTH TRAINING 1. Start with basic body weight exercises for a few weeks (such as sit-ups, pushups, and pull-ups) before using weights if you have never picked up weights before – Spartacus Bodyweight Workout 2. Workout with weights about three times a week. Give your body, muscles, tendons and bones time to rest and recuperate by avoiding weight training on back-to-back days. 3. Warm up for 5-10 minutes before each session. Make sure you warm up with a slight jog, skipping rope or dynamic warm up to get the blood flowing to the muscles. 4. Spend no more than 40 minutes in the weight room or training to avoid fatigue or boredom. (Unless you are training for a sport or something specific.) 5. Work more reps; avoid maximum lifts. Unless you have a Trainer, coach to supervise you, avoid heavy lifting and stick to interval training or lifting lower weight for more reps. 6. Ensure you’re using proper technique through supervision. Improper technique may result in injuries, particularly in the shoulder and back. 7. Stretch your muscles after training, Cool down for 5-10 minutes after each session.              


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