Metabolic Cardio Circuit – “The Katherine” This is an advanced version of the 30 Minute Metabolic Cardio Circuit that my wife Angela (Muay Thai Princess) does. It takes a bit longer due to the 5 minute skipping rounds, but highly effective to improve your conditioning and strength. The added element to this workout is the HEAVY SKIPPING ROPE that Angela uses (and that you should use) The workout is perfect for MMA and Combat Fighters or anyone that wants to AMP UP┬átheir cardio. If you are a fighter and cannot get through or struggle with this workout then you need to work on your conditioning. Perform each set in a ladder format one after the other with no rest in between. Your target is to complete this workout in less than 60 minutes. 5 Minutes Skipping Rope 30 Pushups 30 Jumping Lunge 30 Abs Spring ups 30 Meet the Queens 30 Mountain Climbers Repeat sets in succession for 25-20-15-10-5 with no rest Need a Skipping Rope? – Heavy Rope Gymboss Timer –