TRX Training#1 Bodyweight Tool For Dramatically Improving Your “Physique” [New Video]

There’s a NEW form of exercise that’s becoming the functional bodyweight training system of choice. Well I wouldn’t call it new but it’s picking up a lot of steam. Its call Suspension Training and it’s on FIRE right now. This type of exercise gives you a HUGE edge over conventional resistance training. Let me explain why… Every single Suspension Training exercise builds true functional strength and improves flexibility, balance, and core stability, all at once, which is the recipe to a PAIN FREE life. Also, elite sports enthusiasts have made this type of training the GO-TO ultimate bodyweight training tool of choice. Elements of the modern training philosophy known as Suspension Training have existed for hundreds of years in numerous forms. From Roman and Spartan legions, to ancient Chinese acrobats, to Nineteenth century combat units, to early mountaineers… They were all masters of bodyweight training, but with no question today, gymnasts and technical rock climbers have become the modern day masters of this type of training. From mats to rocks, a variety of apparatuses have evolved from the lessons we have learned from the experiences that came before us. Hence… Suspension Training was born. The benefits are rapidly being embraced by everyone that seeks a method to safely and rapidly improve their fitness level. • Hollywood A-Listers are getting spectacular results. • Senior wellness programs are providing a safe, fearless way to exercise. • Physical therapist are rehabilitating patients • Sports medicine clinics are providing relief • Chiropractic Doctors are performing treatment • Best practice orthopedic maladies and sports-related injuries protocols Regardless of age, gender, or fitness level, Suspension can be used almost anywhere, anytime. Even in your own living room, garage, hotel room, or outside. Mostly all traditional types of training have limited constraints of where you have to train, with one plane of motion that confines you and your results. NOT anymore… Suspension allows you to travel anywhere in the world without a gym membership, with limitless variations of angles and planes of motion for ANY type of exercise. We should train like we LIVE and not like a robot with ONLY one single plane or isolated muscle at a time… Boring 🙁 Whether you’re a mom or dad trying to shed those last few pounds on the go, or an athletic enthusiast looking for the next big cutting-edge game changer… Suspension Training is the new cutting-edge bodyweight holy grail of fat loss and lean muscle domination. ==> Get 191 Never Before Seen Exercises with 20 weeks of Workouts TRX WORKOUT Perform each exercise for 40 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds rest. Rest for 2 minutes and repeat for 4 rounds. Beginner to Moderate 1. TRX SQUAT 2. SINGLE LEG LUNGE (R) 3. SINGLE LEG LUNGE (L) 4. TRX CHEST PRESS 5. TRX HIGH ROWS 6. TRICEPS PRESS 7. TRX BICEP CURLS TRX Workout – Advanced Metabolic Circuit Perform each exercise for 40 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds rest. Rest for 2 minutes and repeat for 4 rounds. 1. Suspended Single Leg Plyo Lunges (R) 2. Suspended Single Leg Plyo Lunges (L) 3. Atomic Push Ups 4. Single Leg Squats (R) 5. Single Leg Squats (L) 6. Inverted Rows Get 191 Never Before Seen Exercises with 20 weeks of Workouts – CLICK HERE suspbundle2

5 TRX/Suspension Training Workouts

Hey, Been using Suspension training on and off on my trip here in Thailand and my core is filling the positive effects. My crazy, high-energy friend Dan Long has Re-launched his Suspension Revolution Program exclusively for Funk Roberts Fitness and MMA subscribers, followers, readers and fans. But before you check it out, I posted 5 TRX Suspension workout videos for you to look at each targeted to a different people with different goals: Beginner, Butt/Core for Ladies, Home/Travel, Quick Fat Burner and Muscle Building Workouts. Enjoy and Get It Done! TRX Exercises for Beginners This video geared to the beginner, short intense workout is included. Fights aging, it’s mobile, long-term results. This video also explains the benefits of TRX. Watch these 3 beginner exercises to trigger all the hard to reach muscle groups for total body domination. Engage over 600 muscles at one time! Exercise List 1. First Exercise- Simple Row 2. Second Exercise- Shoulder Fly 3. Third Exercise- Squats All 3 of these exercises are triggering muscles in the body that you never triggered before you’re going to have fat loss you’ve never ever been able to reach! Get excited and Click the link to join the Suspension Revolution!   “TRX Exercises and TRX Workouts for Glutes” This video has Basic exercises for the Butt/Core muscle groups. Ladies pay attention to this one, which also has benefits to suspension training. Watch these 3 basic exercises to trigger all the hard to reach muscle groups in the glutes. Exercise List 1. First Exercise- Double Leg Squat This exercise engages glutes, quads, and calves. 2. Second Exercise- Front Squat with a Double TRX Pull Left and Right 
This exercise engages the shoulders, back, glutes, calves, and quads. 3. Third Exercise- Single Leg Kick Back
This exercise engages all the glutes, quads, and core. “Home TRX Workout” This video targets Core, and fat loss and adding the TRX to your normal weight training, work over 600+ muscles, travel with TRX, operate in your home, parks, it’s mobile. Quick TRX Finisher Workout for Fat Loss Finisher workout with Flex Marks and myself.  Great circuit to end any training session 5 Exercise Circuit — Perform each exercise one after the other for 30 seconds of work followed by 10-second transition time. Go through the circuit two times without rest, as a finisher. Workout Time — 8 Minutes (with rest intervals) TRX Exercise List 1. TRX Push Up and Chest Flyes 2. TRX Side-to-Side Plyo Skater Lunges 3. TRX Superman’s 4. TRX Single Leg Meet the Queen and Pistol Squat – Right 5. TRX Single Leg Meet the Queen and Pistol Squat — Left 6. TRX Standing Rows and Twist “Muscle Building Workouts Using the TRX” This video is for those of you that want muscle building, gain 9-12lbs of muscle with adding TRX to your normal muscle building program. Get serious pumps, builds mass quick, by super setting. Suspension Training is the perfect body solution because is fully customizable to get you ripped! Super set with free weights then jump over to your suspension trainer and engage your core, and you wont believe the muscle pumps you will get that you simply cant get anywhere else! Suspension training will increase the body response to your regular training with machines and free weights with amazing results. Well, if you love these types of workouts, then you need to pick up Dan’s Suspension Revolution. I have it and I love it! >>> Suspension Revolution This program is packed with 27 suspension workouts plus has over 190 movements!