Power Born – Start Weight 245lbs and Current Weight 218lbs
When I got the email and before/after picture from my man Power, I was blown away at what his hard work and dedication had produced. I was also very impressed with his PIPES (biceps) and new physique. These are the types of testimonials, pictures and feedback that keep the PASSION to share my fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle knowledge with you. First I want to congratulate Power Born on his amazing body and healthy lifestyle transformation. Your hard work and success inspires and motivates me to do what more of what I do and I hope it does others as well.
Quickly, Power contacted me some months back letting me know that he was going to make the change to a healthier lifestyle and that my workouts were going play a large part in it. I told him to take BEFORE PICTURES (something you should all do when starting any type of program) – fast forward 6 months later and check out the results…and he is still going. I love that Power used some of my workout programs (Spartacus and MMA workouts) and added his own flavour of running. It is great to personalize workout programs when you can as well. But I digress, I took snippets of Power’s email to me, so you get an idea of his story. The best thing is that he is still going as Power has a set a GOAL with a TARGET DATE (something you should all do when starting any type of program) Power Born – Start Weight 245lbs and Current Weight 218lbs “Funk, I know it’s been awhile since we talked, I finally got those before and after pic’s for you. I want to thank you for the bodyweight workouts; they had a heavy part in me getting to the shape that you will see. I’m going for 200lbs by my birthday which is 10/30. The way I accomplished my goals was by keeping track of my weight every day. My diet is light during the day with a protein shake in the morning after my workout. Then I drink plenty of water during the day to help that protein through my system. My workout has been the Spartacus workout each month for the most part on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday I do your MMA workouts. In the first few, months I did 4 miles of jogging after each workout and only jogged on my non-resistance days which are Saturday and Sunday. Then in the last three months I have jogged first and then did the resistance, which shocked my body. I tend not to do 3 full rounds of the workouts, usually two rounds at the most. The 28 miles I was logging per week really helped lean me up. The main thing people have to realize is you have to work out to keep the metabolism churning away so when you eat at night you won’t be hurting you efforts. Funk, you are definitely a large part of my motivation.”