Check out the WTF (What The Funk) Challenge Workout that should take no longer than 25 minutes. The Kettlebell Meltdown 300 was a weekly staple in my workouts back in 2008 when I started to make the change from 210lbs of Male PMS (Puffy Muscle Syndrome) to 185lbs ripped. It’s a short and intense workout with amazing results. All you need is one kettlebell, a timer and hard work – Leave your comments and time below. Share with your friends, clients and shoot a video. Try this awesome kettlebell and bodyweight circuit today. JOIN THE SPARTAN TRAINING FACEBOOK PAGE for EXCLUSIVE WORKOUTS – https://www.facebook.com/SpartanTrainingSystem KETTLEBELL MELTDOWN 300 CHALLENGE FUNK’S WEIGHT AND TIME – 40LBS KB – 16:03MIN Start your timer and Complete the designated number of reps per exercise as fast as you can…do not move onto the next exercise until you have completed the reps. Use a challenging weight and learn the kettlebell techniques before attempting this workout. KETTLEBELL MELTDOWN 300 1. 25 V-UPS 2. 50 SNATCHES (25 PER SIDE) 3. 25 PUSHUPS 4. 50 SWINGS 5. 50 BURPEES 6. 50 CLEAN AND PRESS (25 PER SIDE) 7. 50 MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS If you do not have kettlebells you can always try the Dumbbell Meltdown 300 Challenge DUMBBELL MELTDOWN 300 CHALLENGE (video below) 1. 25 LEG RAISES 2. 50 DB SNATCHES (25 PER SIDE) 3. 25 PUSHUPS 4. 50 DUMBBELL SWINGS (Tip: Use the end of the kettlebell) 5. 50 BURPEES 6. 50 DUMBBELL CLEAN AND PRESS 925 PER SIDE) 7. 50 MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS Dumbbell 300 Challenge – FUNK’S WEIGHT AND TIME – 50LBS dumbbell – 21:23MIN   BELOW ARE SOME SCORES AND WEIGHTS THAT WERE POSTED ON THE YOUTUBE PAGE               CHECK OUT THE ORIGINAL KETTLEBELL MELTDOWN 300