METABOLIC MASSACRE WORKOUT – Gain Muscle, Increase Your Strength and Burn Fat Fast!

New Metabolic Massacre Circuit to boost your metabolism and burn fat while building lean muscle. (Video below) – Get your FREE MMA 5 Station Circuit and Training Report at   Perform all 10 exercises one after the other for 40 seconds of work followed by a 20 second rest/transition. Rest for two minutes and repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 rounds. 1. Side Step Kettlebell Swings 2. Med Ball Plyo Pushups Burpees 3. Box Squat and Shoulder Press 4. Kettlebell Windshield Wipers 5. Renegade Climbers 6. BURPEE LUNGES 7. Double Kettlebell Cleans 8. Heavy Dumbbell Carries – Farmer Carry 9. Kettlebell Speed Sumo Deadlifts 10. Grasshopper Burpees