Mairianne from Myomytv – Spartacus Workout

Marianne – Men’s Health SPARTACUS Workout  takes on this great full body workout. Check out my blog for more.   Spartacus Workout Revisited (with my 16kg Kettlebell) Hi All, I have wanted to return to this workout for a while now because when I originally did it back in July, I only had my two 12kg Kettlebells at home with me, and I knew at the time there were some exercises that I could have done with the 16kg. So today, I had the opposite problem and only had my two 16kg Kettlebells available, so the pressure was on to complete the entire workout with them. But you know me, I NEVER shy away from a challenge This workout was originally posted in The Men’s Health Magazine, and is marketed as very macho – but who says girls can’t be tough and strong, and be a “Spartacan” LOL? It’s strange sometimes where some of my drive and competitiveness comes from, because I have always gone out to prove that girls can be just as strong (proportionately speaking) than their male counterparts, and if there’s one phrase that gets my blood boiling it’s “You’re good, for a girl”!!! Talk about a flashing red at a bull LOL. I’m not a feminist, but I do advocate for giving people, regardless of gender or stereotypes, credit where it’s due. Gosh I am on a roll today Now back to the workout. There are 3 rounds of 10 exercises. Setting my Gymboss Interval Timer for 10 cycles of 15 seconds for recovery and 1 minute of effort, I recorded my new reps per exercise as set out below: 1.KB Goblet Squats (24,21,20) 2.Mountain Climbers (96,82,79) 3.Single Arm KB Swings (switching at 30 seconds) (18/17, 17/17, 16/15) 4.T-Push Ups (23,20,19) 5.Lunge Jumps (28,25,22) 6.Bent Over KB Rows (18,16,14) 7.KB Side Lunge Touch (16,15,12) 8.KB Renegade Rows (18,15,13) 9.Forward Lunge and Rotate (with KB) (12,9,8) – hate these :/ 10.Double KB Push Presses (11,8,7) – hate these EVEN more :/ :/ Compared to my previous results with the 12kgs, it really has made a big difference. I was soaked in sweat and exhausted by the end, but I was so determined to finish this, and I think I did ok. Those Push Presses were a killer though! I really would recommend this workout to anyone as it really does work the whole body. It can be performed with Dumbbells too as seen in the demo here . I look forward to hearing feedback and scores from those who have dared try this brutal workout Cheers Marianne