Lady Spartacus Abs Workout – Estella Hom

  Lady Spartacus Abs Workout Here is a simple fat burning ab workout that you can do using only your bodyweight. No equipment necessary and it can be done anywhere! Based on the Spartacus Workout Challenge from Men’s Health magazine, this exercise protocol is comprised of 10 different exercises, done for 3 rounds. Perform each move for 60 seconds, as fast as you can with good form, followed by 15 seconds of rest. After the set, take a 2 minute break and go for 2 more rounds of the same circuit or do what I sometimes do – combine it with a round or two of kettlebell moves. Get your FREE Funk Roberts 4 Week Spartacus Workout at Watch for the next Lady Spartacus workout: An intense full body workout with kettlebells LADY SPARTACUS AB WORKOUT 1. FROG MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS 2. LEG RAISES 3. KNEE IN/OUTS 4. SPEED SKATERS 5. SIDE PLANK ELBOW/ KNEE CRUNCH – 30 SECONDS PER LEG 6. SQUAT ALTERNATE SIDE PUNCHES 7. RUN AND HIT THE DECKS 8. ALT FRONT SIDE AND BACK KICKS 9. PLANK WITH ARM AND LEG EXTENSION 10. ONE LEG HEALTH LIFTS WITH ARM AND LEG EXTENSION