SPARTACUS 2.0 FAT BURNING WORKOUT Perform the Spartacus Workout as a circuit, doing one set of each exercise in succession. Each exercise is timed for 45 seconds. You will do as many reps as you can, in that duration (with perfect form), then move on to the next station in the circuit. You’ll get 15 seconds to transition between stations, and then move onto the next exercise. After you complete all 10 exercises or one circuit in succession you will rest for 1 minute. Then repeat 1 to 2 more times. That is what is called a 45-15 Interval workout EXERCISE LIST 1. ALTERNATE KETTLEBELL SWINGS 2. SIDE TO SIDE PUSH UPS 3. SUMO SQUAT JACKS 4. AB KNEE IN AND OUTS 5. BENT OVER ALT DUMBELL ROWS 6. GOBLET SQUAT 7. SWISS BALL V- UPS 8. KB HAND TO HAND SUMO DEADLIFTS 9. WIDE LEG RUNS 10. BURPEES WITH SIDE PLANK RAISE GET YOUR FREE 4 WEEK SPARTACUS WORKOUT PROGRAM AT