Motivation comes from within. Nobody else can motivate you to workout or eat healthier. I can’t; your friends can’t; a workout DVD can’t; it must come from YOU and YOUR strong reason “WHY” you want to be successful. Staying motivated is tough. There are many times I do not feel like getting up early to write a blog post, or an email message, or put in a workout or have to eat a plate of chicken and broccoli instead of the huge dish of PASTA that I love. But it’s my “WHY” that motivates me everyday to put in the hard work necessary to reach my goals and be successful. In order stay motivated you have to put things around you that help remind you of your goals. Pictures, motivational sayings and things that will keep you laser focused. One great strategy that I use is watching motivational videos to help keep me on track, when I may feel like I lost that drive to succeed. In fact one of the videos I am going to share with you today, is something I watch every morning, whether I am motivated or not as it helps to ingrain the message of “HOW BAD I WANT SOMETHING” Today I am going to share 2 motivational videos that you can use to help keep you focused and motivated on your journey to succeed in CRUSHING your goals. VIDEO 1 – ARE YOU LASER FOCUSED This is a video from my good friend Adam Ali from @adamwontlose. I really love the message in this video. Check out the Funkster in the mirror @1:41 of this video. VIDEO 2 – HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT This is the video I watch everyday when I wake up. It’s become a habit. Quick story: My wife came across this video at work one day and said to herself, that’s my husband…unbeknownst to her I have been watching this video for a while now. For me it’s very motivational, keeps me focused and instills the strong message it’s sending. I hope you enjoy these videos. Put them both into your favorites and watch them daily to help stay focused and keep you motivated to GET IT DONE! Connect with Adam Ali Laser Focused Ebook: Web: Twitter: @adamwontlose YouTube: Your Friend and Coach