ANGELA MILE WORKOUT #2 This workout was created by my wife, Princess Angela Roberts to train the aerobic system and increase your cardio. The days of long boring ineefective cardio is over. This was created in an effort to break up the long runs we had to do for Muay Thai training, but I quickly relaized this was an awesome cardio workout in itself to help burn more calories during and after the workout.  Try it today!   Perform all 3 sets one after the other with minimal rest in between Each set Contains a one mile run and 3 Exercise with reps Run on the Treadmill for one mile at a brisk pace and then complete the prescribed reps for each exercise. You must complete all reps in the circuit before moving to the next set SET 1 1 MILE RUN — Brisk Pace Push Ups — 100 Reps Abs Spring Ups — 100 Reps Mountain Climbers or Everest Climbers — 100 Reps   SET 2 1 MILE RUN — Brisk Pace Box Jumps – One Step or Continuous — 50 Reps Kettlebell/Dumbbell Swings — 100 Reps Hanging Leg raises — 50 Reps   SET 3 1 MILE RUN — Brisk Pace Pull Ups or Chin Ups — 50 Reps Alternate Standing Dumbbell Press — 100 Reps Reverse DB Lunge with Knee Up – 100 Reps (50 per side)   Cardio Workout for MMA #1 – Cardio Workout for MMA #3 – LEARN HOW TO INCREASE YOUR PULLUPS – GO FROM 0-10 IN NO TIME! – CLICK HERE