Ultimate Tabata Workout – Fit Like A Fighter


Here is another way to use Tabata circuits to get a killer workout. I put together a 10 exercise circuit using the Tabata protocol (20 seconds of high intensity work followed by 10 seconds of rest) for each movement and to give it a kick, I added some rotational movements, explosive and endurance based exercises. This will give you a full body MMA style workout or just a fit like a fighter circuit (so you don’t want to get hit in the face). Also another way to burn fat while keeping your muscle. Ultimate Tabata Workout – Fit Like A Fighter MMA Circuit Perform each exercise for 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds rest for 6 rounds. Rest for 1 minute and move on to the next exercises. Total Workout = 40 Minutes 1. Kettlebell Swings 2. Rotational Med Ball Slams 3. Burpees 4. Weighted Russian Twists 5. Dumbbell Squat Jumps 6. Mountain Climbers 7. Blast Off Push Ups 8. Rotational Jumping Lunges 9. Kick Ups 10. Abs V-Ups Are Optimized Towards Your Health & Fitness Goals? Get Your Free Personalized Assessment From Onnit Now.

Contrast Training to Build Size and Muscle (Video)

Dumbbell Chest PressScientifically proven, Contrasts are an effective way to develop more power and explosive strength, which is important to improving athletic performance. You can also use this training method to build size and muscle (hypertrophy), by altering the rep and sets scheme. Developed in Russia and Eastern Europe in the 1960s-70’s Contrast training is a great way to charge you up so you can display greater levels of strength and power through what’s called Post-Activation Potentiation (PAP) The PAP effect is simply when the muscle force is greater after performing the initial strength exercise because the signal from the central nervous system to the muscle has been optimally activated. To develop muscle you need intensity and volume, which contrast training, will give you. There are a few ways Contrasts can help you to build muscle. Adding this training alone will help shock your muscles into growth by adapting to the new training stimulus. As mentioned above this contrasts sets are a combination of heavy lifts and explosive exercises, which are known to recruit maximum motor unit recruitment. Which means more muscles are needed to get the job done. Your work capacity and volume increases as well because of the reps performed with both heavy and explosive exercises. When performing Contrast pairs or super sets for best results your total volume should be 4-6 sets. pull upsReps for the heavy lift can be between 6-10 and for the explosive exercises within 6-10 reps. Your rest periods between each exercise should be no more than 15 seconds and 1-2 minutes between sets. Substitute contrast-training pairs with your normal chest or upper body workout. You can use these 2-3 times per week alternating upper body and lower body pairings. The two videos below are examples of Contrast training pairs for upper body. Although in the video we are training power and explosive strength, you can change the reps and sets of the exercises to suit hypertrophy training and muscle growth. Chest Pairs Workout Dumbbell Chest Press 4-6 Reps (75% load) MMA Push Ups – 8 Reps Rest 2 minute and repeat for 4-5 sets Back-Lats Pairs Workout Bent Over Rows – 8 Reps Churpees (Burpee Chin Ups) – 8 Reps Rest 2 minute and repeat for 4-5 sets  

New Bodyweight Workout – Conditioning Class

Perform each exercise for 60 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest. Rest for 2 minutes and repeat for 3 full rounds Exercise List 1. One Arm Burpees 2. Judo Push Ups 3. Jumping Lunges 4. V-Ups 5. Skater Hops 6. Table Toppers 7. Ninja Jumps 8. Squat Holds (Wall) 9. Side Plank Reach Under 10. Side to Side Jumping Sprawls Do you like this workout? Grab your FREE 4 Week Bodyweight Program HERE Free Bodyweight Program

The “300” Med Ball Workout

As a Certified Metabolic Trainer, I have personally seen the effects of using metabolic training to help transform my body and help be burn fat, while building muscle going from 215lbs to 185lbs ripped. A circuit like this is a great example of how you can insert a quick metabolic circuit into your training regime to help you get shredded and athletic. Perform each exercise one after the other for the prescribed reps. Do not move to the next exercise until you are complete all reps of the movement Med Ball Reverse Lunges – 50 (25 per side) Med Ball Side to Side Plyo Push ups – 25 Reps Med Ball Russian twists – 25 Reps Med Ball Jump Squats – 50 Reps Med Ball Climbers 50 Reps Med Ball RDL 50 reps– 25 Per Leg Med ball Burpees 50 Reps WHAT IS METABOLIC TRAINING? The short definition of metabolic training is completing compound exercises with little rest in between exercises in an effort to maximize calorie burn and increase metabolic rate during and after the workout. By compound I mean the exercises that target multiple joints and muscles. Unlike traditional weight training routines using isolated exercises and splitting body parts that don’t work if you want to raise your metabolism, burn fat, get ripped and develop lean dense muscle. The bottom line is raising your metabolism allows you to burn more calories throughout the day. Power or work capacity is the ability to perform an amount of work in a specified amount of time. The more work you can do in a shorter amount of time, the more power you will produce. Power is a key element to getting a lean fit body. That’s because when you produce more power, it triggers the natural release of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). HGH triggers fat metabolism for energy use in muscle growth, which means you lose fat while gaining dense muscle. HGH also enhanced protein synthesis in your muscles, making them stronger and larger (not to worry ladies you will NEVER BULK UP, unless you plan on using STEROIDS). The most critical factor to know if you want to produce more HGH is increasing the intensity of the exercises you perform because intensity is the key to increasing power. Metabolic training is high intensity anaerobic exercise that makes you breathless. If you are completing a metabolic workout and you are not breathing hard and sweating, something is wrong. Ideally you should be lifting as heavy as you can or performing as many bodyweight reps as possible in the interval with little rests in between. There are many forms of Metabolic Training and my workouts just scratch the surface. Most forms of Metabolic Training are in the form of a circuit, which is a series of exercises performed in a row with rest periods in between. Every form of Metabolic Training can improve your cardio; build strength endurance, sculpt lean muscle and burn lots of fat. You will hear different terms used for Metabolic Training such as, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Tabata, Metabolic Resistance, Metabolic Conditioning, Circuit Training, p90X, Insanity, Spartan Workout Challenges they are all in the same boat. So i hope that helps a bit in understanding how powerful metabolic training can be. If you have been stuck in the rut of traditional bodybuilding workouts and have not been getting the results your looking for, it’s time to change to metabolic training to help reach your fitness goals. GET IT DONE! Onnit Labs

Workout Wednesday – Ultimate Takedown

Spartan Metabolic Workout that will help you build muscle, burn fat and improve cardio. Use this metabolic HIIT circuit to get results fast. Perform each exercise for 60 seconds followed by 15 seconds rest on after the other. Rest for two minutes and repeat for 3 rounds. Exercise list 1. Kettlebell Swings 2. Spiderman Push Ups 3. Rotational Reverse Sandbag Lunge 4. Abs Wheel Roll Outs 5. Burpee Thrusters 6. Sandbag Bent Over Rows 7. DB Push Press 8. DB Jump Squats 9. Stability Ball Stir the Pot 10. Sprawls DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE 4 WEEK SPARTAN WORKOUT PROGRAM – WORKOUTS, NUTRITION AND VIDEOS