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Want to not only get stronger but also become more metabolically fit? The faster your metabolism runs on a day to day basis, the easier it’ll be to shed any extra fat you’re carrying around. And, there’s no better way to ramp up your metabolism than with this 10-10-10 workout program. This program utilizes a series of key bodyweight exercises to create a full body workout that you can do anywhere. Bodyweight exercises are great as anyone can do them, they’ll hit multiple muscle groups at once, and they’re often less taxing on the joints than heavy weighted exercises. This means you may experience a lower risk of injury long term. And, bodyweight exercises are great for boosting your ability and coordination, both of which any good athlete needs to possess. Let me share with you how to structure this 10-10-10 metabolic workout and the exercises you’ll be doing. Your 10-10-10 Bodyweight Metabolic Workout This workout session is going to last just 10 minutes, so it’s quick to fit into your day, but make no mistake, it’s not going to be easy. You’ll be moving the entire 10 minutes, giving you the cardiovascular boost you’re looking for while ensuring you torch calories quickly. For this workout, you’ll be doing 10 exercises, for 10 reps each, one after another. This keeps going until the 10 minutes are up. Remember to keep proper form throughout, stopping if you move out of good form and picking back up immediately as soon as possible. It’ll help if you remember to breathe while doing this. This will ensure sufficient oxygen is getting into those muscle tissues, reducing the chances that you experience that intense muscle burn that so often results in fatigue and you stopping short of completion. The Exercise Line-Up Now that you know how to perform this workout, let’s get to the ten power movements you’ll be doing. Push-Ups Begin on all fours, with the hands positioned just below the shoulders, core tight. Slowly bend the elbows as you lower the body down until the sternum is just about touching the floor. Pause and then press directly back up. Note your hips should not dip or rise up as you perform this exercise. Bodyweight Squat Stand in an upright position with the hands clasped directly in front of the body. Bend the knees as you lower yourself down as low as you can go, keeping the upper body upright at all times. Press back up to complete the rep. X-Body Mountain Climber Position yourself on all fours, hands just beneath the shoulders with the elbows straight. Now swivel the hips, bending one knee and crossing it under the body to the opposing side. Once you’re as far as you can twist, return back to the starting position and simultaneously, begin crossing the opposite knee, repeating the movement to the other side. Keep doing this until all reps are complete. Note that one rep constitutes a cross of both legs across the body. Burpees Bend down so that your hands are positioned on the floor, the legs in a squat position. Balancing your weight on your hands, kick the legs back out behind you, landing the toes on the floor. You should be in a push-up position. Upon reaching this position, drive the legs back underneath you and then press up off the floor, reaching as high as possible with the hands. Rebound up off the ground, land back down in the squat position and then repeat the movement again. Lying Leg Raises Position yourself back down on the floor with the legs raised up so they are at a 90 degree angle with the hips. Keeping the core tight, slowly lower the legs down towards the ground, ensuring the lower back does not rise up off the ground. Once you get as low as you can go, pause and then reverse directions to complete the rep. Renegade Rows Get on all fours, balancing on the hands which are placed directly beneath the shoulders, elbows straight. The core should be tight with the back straight. Once balanced, pull one arm back behind you, bending the elbow as you do and trying to get the elbow to touch the ceiling. Once you’ve moved it as far as it will comfortably go, position the hand back on the ground and repeat to the other side. Continue on alternating until 10 reps on each side have been completed. Jumping Lunges In a standing position, step one leg a few feet in front of the other. Now bend down so that you move into a lunge position. At the bottom of the movement, rebound up off the ground as high as possible, switching the legs mid-air. Upon landing, move right back into the lunge position and complete to the other side. Pause at not point – this should be one fluid movement. Table Top Toe Grabs Position yourself so that you are back down to the ground, balancing on the feet which are placed on the floor, knees bent, and the hands, placed directly beneath the shoulders. Once balanced, lift one leg up off the floor, extending it out in front of you. As you do this, reach toward that leg with the opposing arm. Once almost touching, place both the hand and the foot back on the ground and then complete to the other side. Buzz Saw Planks Get into a standard plank position, balancing on the forearms and feet with the back and body in a horizontal alignment. Now roll the body weight backward, shifting the feet as you do so that you rock back to your heels. As you do this, let the shoulders move back to shift your body weight. Once you’re as far back as you can go, rock forward now, moving back to your toes and rolling the shoulders forward. Keep going back and forth until all reps are completed. Remember to keep that core tight throughout. Prisoner Jump Squats Finally, for the prisoner squat, place the hands on either side of the head with the elbows bent. Keeping the core tight and body upright, bend the knees as you squat down into a full squat. Press back up to the full standing position to complete the rep. Continue on until all reps are done and then remove the hands from the head. Do this 10-exercise circuit and by the time it’s through, you’ll be feeling it in every single muscle in your body. Follow this up with some light stretching to complete the workout.

“The 300 Workout” Bodyweight Edition

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