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If you have been working hard, spending hours in the gym, or you work out like crazy…only to smash into a brick wall time and time again.

If you do you best to keep at it…hitting the weights or watching what you eat. But regardless you just don’t get where you want.

Maybe you’ve suffered this kind of frustration more than once.

Maybe you feel like no matter how hard you try, you’re just never going to the ripped, toned body you want.

Does that sounds familiar?

The reason for your frustrated efforts is not a lack of willpower, that’s for sure.

It’s not a lack of effort, either. The reason why you can’t seem to lose fat, gain lean muscle, and get in amazing shape is really quite simple, and even easy to fix.

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Gym Review and Adventure Race Workout

Funk Roberts hangs out with Greg Carver of in Toronto Canada for a day of shooting Follow-Along Workouts for new Spartan 10 Week Program, take a tour of the facility and get a StrengthBox Combo Circuit Workout. I personally think this facility and Greg’s workout combos are amazing for Athletes, MMA and Combat Fighters, Adventure Racers, Fitness Buffs and those looking to lose weight and get fit. He has great classes, amazing equipment and fantastic workouts. Make sure to check out the entire tour to see what StrengthBox has to offer and if you are in Toronto, head over for a class or workout. STRENGTHBOX REVIEW AND TOUR ADVENTURE WORKOUT Adventure Race training at StrengthBox in Toronto with Greg Carver – Click below if you want to be ready for Tough Mudder, Spartan Race or Warrior Dash StrengthBox is a unique space in Toronto’s east end. It’s not a typical health or fitness club. StrengthBox is exactly what its name implies: an industrial-style “box” gym, where real-world fitness is paramount, and where there’s lots of room to move, train and get strong. You won’t find mirrors, rows of cardio machines or signs that say “don’t drop the weights”. There’s no sales staff selling endless memberships. You will find the best in personal and small-group training, a supportive community, and programming that fosters amazing results! EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS. STENGTHBOX – THE ADULT PLAYGROUND STENGTHBOX 45 Cranfield Rd, Unit 5 Toronto, Ontario M4B 3H6 Email Website Follow us on Twitter: @strengthbox See us on YouTube:  


BECOME A SPARTACUS WORKOUT 2.0 BETA-TESTER The Funk Roberts Spartacus Workout 2.0 – 8 Week Online Program – Blood, Sweat and Glory is well under development and I need you to test it out. It’s been more than a year and a half since I launched my first 4 Week Spartacus Workout Program and it has helped thousands of men and women shred thousands of pounds and burn a lot of fat. That’s pretty damn impressive and congratulations to those of you that got great results. Now it’s time to kick it up a notch and become a TRUE SPARTAN WARRIOR! The Spartacus Workout 2.0 – 8 Week Online Program has integrated my popular High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts and a new kick-ass nutrition plan to produce an amazing, easy to follow program for you. .This program is for both men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes.  Check out the Spartacus Workout 2.0 sneak peak video below.    SPARTACUS WORKOUT 2.0 – SNEAK PEAK WHAT IS A SPARTACUS WORKOUT 2.0 BETA-TESTER? I’m looking for a group of 100 highly motivated men and women (couples included) to experience the amazing power of this new and improved program for themselves. I am giving you a chance to Beta-Test the new Spartacus Workout 2.0 program, starting Saturday March 3rd 2012. Not only will you get the best body and be in the best shape of your life, but you can give me your feedback before the official launch and in essence help shape the final product. YOU WILL HAVE TO DO EXACTLY WHAT I TELL YOU DO… BOTTOM LINE! NOTE – This is for serious people only that are ready to change and fully commit both their mind and body to making life altering changes. This program is NOT for beginners or people who are training for the first time. QUALIFICATIONS There are also some qualifications and pre-requisites that you must meet in order for you to qualify to become a Beta-Testers and there are simply NO EXCEPTIONS! DEADLINE TO ENTER: YOU HAVE UNTIL FEBRUARY 26TH AT 11:59PM (EST) TO DO EVERYTHING LISTED BELOW EXACTLY AS OUTLINED IF YOU WANT A CHANCE TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER, FOREVER. ONLY THOSE THAT QUALIFY WILL BE CONTACTED. QUALIFICATION PRE-REQUISITES If you cannot say YES to all of the questions below, then unfortunately you do not qualify for the Beta-Testing program, but stay tuned for the updates and official launch of the Spartacus Workout 2.0 10 Week Program – Blood, Sweat and Glory!   PRE-REQUISITES 1. Do you have 8 Weeks to commit to yourself and the program (March 3rd – April 28, 2012)? 2. Are you able to start March 3rd, 2012? 3. Do you own or have access to all of the following: Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Stability Ball, and Skipping Rope? 4. Are you willing to pay $40.00 (PayPal) to have access to the Spartacus Workout 2.0 Beta Program and Information through? 5. If chosen, are you willing to participate and follow along the 8 Week Program, track results, give feedback and get into the best shape of your life?         QUALIFICATIONS Please email the following information to by February 26, 2012 1. WHO ARE YOU: Tell me about yourself (name, age, where you are from, family, occupation, past workouts programs, health history, goals, past failures, etc.) the more information the better. 2. WHY SHOULD YOU BE A BETA TESTER: In 250 words or less, I want you to tell me exactly why this program is the perfect program for you at this point in your life? Tell me WHY you NEED access to this information and what your goals will be. (VIDEO IS BEST – SEE BELOW EXTRA CREDIT) 3. BEFORE PICTURE: Take front, side, and rear view full body digital pictures of yourself (men must have their shirt off and be wearing boxer briefs or swimsuit trunks, women must wear either a one piece or two piece bathing suit, no exceptions here) – I will NOT share these pictures with anyone, no worries. This is to show your commitment. 4. HOW BADLY DO YOU WANT THIS? – On a scale of 1-10 how badly do you want this program? 5. EXTRA CREDIT: (optional, but highly recommended): Film a 1 minute video pleading your case, post it to YouTube and send it to us with subject “HELP! I WANT TO BECOME A FUNK ROBERTS FITNESS SPARTAN” for some extra special convincing – you may send the video private to avoid anyone seeing it for now, up to you. Send all of this information to me by February 26, 2012 with subject “HELP! I WANT TO BECOME A SPARTAN” at NOTE- PLEASE SEND ALL ATTACHMENTS WITHIN THE SAME (THAT’S ONE) EMAIL!!! If you are chosen, you will receive an email by February 29, 2012 with information regarding the Spartacus Workout 2.0 Beta program and next steps. I promise for some of you, this will be the start of a whole new healthy lifestyle. Do not regret missing out on this opportunity to test this amazing program…it will be an incredible experience. ACT NOW! – Send all of this information to me by February 26, 2012 with subject “HELP! I WANT TO BECOME A SPARTAN” at I love what I do and I love helping people get the best fat loss, lean muscle building and healthy lifestyle they can achieve. During this the Spartacus workout Beta Testing period, you will have me in your corner 100% to help you get the maximum results. Can’t wait to get your stuff… Your Coach, Your Friend and Fellow Spartan Funk Roberts P.S. – If you have friends or family who are interested in changing their lives, please forward them this and get them involved in Funk’s Spartacus Workout 2.0 Program. This just might be the thing that changes their life forever!!!!


STEVE MAXWELL- SPARTACUS WORKOUT PROGRAM BUY NOW: Steve Maxwell is back with one of his most incredible instructional DVDs ever, The Spartacus Workout! This highly advanced workout (not recommended for beginners) is designed to drive your muscle endurance, core strength and overall mobility to the max to achieve the ultimate Gladiator look! Steve has created this highly effective workout by researching the ancient writings of Galen (trainer to Roman gladiators in 157 AD) and has combined them with the well published routines used by the actors to get totally ripped for the recent Spartacus film roles. Each of the 16 exercises in this challenging 45 minute long workout are based on exercises that the real Spartacus would have done in training as Steve uses Kettlebells, Indian Clubs, body weight and more to mimic the movements of rock lifting, sword training, strength building and other insane Gladiator training methods. Blending ancient exercises with modern day training methods, the Spartacus workout uses the 40/20 split routine and combines all of the exercises into metabolic pairs so not only will you build strength and endurance, you will shock your metabolism to shred fat for that ripped Spartacus look!