Fat Incinerating Metabolic Giant SuperSets Workout (Videos)


              One of the greatest techniques that you can use to drive up the intensity of your workout along with the results that you are experiencing is that of supersets. Supersets have been traditionally employed by performing two exercises, back to back with no rest in between. Most commonly, two opposing – or antagonistic muscle groups are utilized. So you’d work your biceps with your triceps. You’d work your quads with your hamstrings. You’d work your chest with your back. …And while these were great combinations, you can take this a step further. By structuring your supersets in a particular manner, you can crank up your ability to build muscle, burn fat, and get to the pinnacle of fitness. Some of the major benefits they can bring include: • Decreasing the total time spent exercising • Increased metabolic demand. (More Fat Burn) • Enhanced cardiovascular conditioning. • Improved recovery time. • Improved endurance. In the program that I’ve designed, you aren’t going to be doing supersets for reps however as most programs would have you doing. Instead, you’ll be focusing on supersets for time.                       I call these my Metabolic Supersets! Essentially, you’ll perform as many reps of an exercise as possible in a given time frame and then immediately move onto the next exercise. I’ve created different styles of Metabolic Supersets including Foundation Building SuperSets, Fat Incinerating Full Body SuperSets, Defining SuperSets and Strength/Cardio Supersets Today we will be focusing on Fat Incinerating Giant SuperSets These will have you doing four exercises in a row and will involve a push movement, a pull movement, a press movement, and a core movement. For these you’ll be doing all upper body exercises plus your core move or all lower body exercises plus your core move. This allows you to really focus in on one half of the body, bringing yourself to a maximum state of fatigue. This gives these supersets supreme endurance boosting capabilities. This Metabolic SuperSet set up will allow you to burn calories while building strength endurance and power. It’s a short high intensity but effective workout. Today I will share 2 Giant SuperSets with you. One a regular superset using equipment and the other bodyweight only Fat Incinerating Giant Metabolic Supersets Instructions: Perform 55 seconds of work followed by 5 second rest of each exercise one after the other for 3 rounds – rest for 2 minutes and repeat for the other superset Total Time = 30 minutes Make sure you warm up before and stretch after this workout Metabolic SuperSet #1 Metabolic Bodyweight SuperSet #2 If you like this workout then you can get access to Metabolic SuperSets program and more when you join Funk Roberts Fitness University for just $1  

Ultimate Tabata Workout – Fit Like A Fighter


Here is another way to use Tabata circuits to get a killer workout. I put together a 10 exercise circuit using the Tabata protocol (20 seconds of high intensity work followed by 10 seconds of rest) for each movement and to give it a kick, I added some rotational movements, explosive and endurance based exercises. This will give you a full body MMA style workout or just a fit like a fighter circuit (so you don’t want to get hit in the face). Also another way to burn fat while keeping your muscle. Ultimate Tabata Workout – Fit Like A Fighter MMA Circuit Perform each exercise for 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds rest for 6 rounds. Rest for 1 minute and move on to the next exercises. Total Workout = 40 Minutes 1. Kettlebell Swings 2. Rotational Med Ball Slams 3. Burpees 4. Weighted Russian Twists 5. Dumbbell Squat Jumps 6. Mountain Climbers 7. Blast Off Push Ups 8. Rotational Jumping Lunges 9. Kick Ups 10. Abs V-Ups Are Optimized Towards Your Health & Fitness Goals? Get Your Free Personalized Assessment From Onnit Now.

Best Metabolic Workouts of 2015


It’s that time of year to look back at the year that was and highlight my best bodyweight workouts of 2015. My use of metabolic workouts to help you burn fat, build muscle, be more athletic and get super fit has continued to grow. From Ladder Workouts to Density Circuits…300 Workouts to Spartan Circuits…SuperSets to Tabata Circuits…these are all forms of high intensity metabolic circuits that will help you get into the best shape of your life. Here are my top Metabolic Workouts for 2015: 300 Medicine Ball Workouts Metabolic Resistance Workout Ultimate Kettlebell Workout Explosive Contrast Training – Lower Body 300 Dumbbell Workout Metabolic SuperSets Ladder Workout 8-Minute Core Workout

Killer Chaos Training Workout Session

martin_rooney_mma_interview_kChaos Training is a method as being the perfect blend of focused strength work, power training, and intense conditioning all mixed together into near perfect progressive-based training program. The goals of these workouts are to help you improve and build strength endurance, explosive power, lactate threshold, cardio, fat loss, speed, work capacity, movement, agility, mental toughness and athletic performance. Everything you NEED as a combat fighter or someone that wants to be more physically fit. This workout below is a full Chaos Training Session using 3 protocols that we have come up with: 1. Strength Endurance – using big compound movements to help develop endurance and strength speed 2. METCON – using complex exercises and movements performed in sequence that can also occur along multiple planes 3. Lactic Acid Training – using one movement that help improve lactate threshold Chaos Training MEGA Workout 5 Set AMRAP Circuits Perform each set for 5 minutes straight completing as many reps as possible with minimal rest during the set. Keep track of your reps so you can strive to beat them in following workouts. Rest for 2-3 minutes in between each set Total Workout Time should take no longer than 40 minutes Warm up prior and Stretch after this workout session. Set #1 – Strength Endurance using Big Compound Movements Deadlifts and Squats Mike – Dead Lift @185/84 reps Funk – Front Squats @95lbs Set #2 – METCON – Complex Circuit using complex exercises (more than one movement) Mike – Med Ball Clean Squat and Throw @30lbs/50reps Funk – Wall Balls @30lbs Set #3 – METCON – Complex Circuit using complex exercises (more than one movement) Lateral Side to Side Box/Bench Plyo Steps Mike @25lbsKB/84 reps Funk @50lbs Sandbag/20lbs Med Ball Set #4 – METCON – Complex Circuit using complex exercises (More than one movement) Mike – Renegade Thrusters @95lbs/66 reps Set #5 – Lactic Acid Threshold using a single movement focused on fast paces volume and work capacity Mike – Tire Slams @85lbs Mallet/145reps Funk – Ball Slams @30lbs Mike’s total reps =429

Spartan Metabolic Workout – “Code Red”

Spartan Metabolic Workout “Code Red” Perform as many reps of each exercise for 60 sec followed by 15 sec rest one after the other. Rest for 2 minutes and repeat for 3 rounds 1. Side Shuffle Kettlebell Swings 2. Wide to Close Grip Push Ups 3. Tuck Jump Burpees 4. Windshield Wipers 5. One Arm DB Rows (Rd 1 -Left, Rd2 – Right, Rd 3 30sec Left – 30 sec Right) 6. DB Squats 7. Stability Leg Curls 8. KB Pass-Pass-Press 9. Jumping Lunges 10. Side Plank and Leg Lift (Rd 1 -Left, Rd2 – Right, Rd 3 30sec Left – 30 sec Right)