How to Improve Your Cardio: Bodyweight Workout Series


In this video you will see Bodyweight workout to help improve your cardio fast while increasing endurance, and burning fat using bodyweight only exercises. Perform each exercise for 60 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest. Rest for 2 minutes and repeat for 3 rounds. Exercise List One Legged Burpees (5 per side) Push Up Leg Splits Side to Side Jumping Lunges Walkout Divebombers Football Up-Downs Alternate Table Top Toe Touches Snowboards Pike Push Ups Hip Thrusts to Hip Bridge Broad Jumps to Reverse Lunge Beginner Edition Burpees Push Ups Forward Lunges Divebombers Football Up-Downs Alternate Table Top Toe Touches Jumping Squats Modiefied Pike Push Ups Hip Bridge Forward and Reverse Broad Jumps

New Bodyweight Workout – Conditioning Class

Perform each exercise for 60 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest. Rest for 2 minutes and repeat for 3 full rounds Exercise List 1. One Arm Burpees 2. Judo Push Ups 3. Jumping Lunges 4. V-Ups 5. Skater Hops 6. Table Toppers 7. Ninja Jumps 8. Squat Holds (Wall) 9. Side Plank Reach Under 10. Side to Side Jumping Sprawls Do you like this workout? Grab your FREE 4 Week Bodyweight Program HERE Free Bodyweight Program

Metabolic Bodyweight Circuit and Abs Workout

Here is a highlight of my conditioning class form last week at This week I crushed the crew with a metabolic bodyweight circuit followed by abs and core training. I love metabolic bodyweight training because it’s a great way to burn fat, while building lean muscle, improving cardio and improving mobility. Using bodyweight exercises is generally better on the joints and will make them stronger while decreasing chances of injury. The abs training at the end of the workout is essential to help strengthen the core and build your six-pack midsection Add Metabolic Bodyweight circuit’s at least 3X per week if you want to get amazing results. Abs and core should be trained at least 3X per week. Bodyweight HIIT Circuit Do 2 rounds of this 10-exercise circuit. Perform each exercise for 60 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest one after the other with no rest in between. Rest for 2 minutes and finish 2-3 rounds Abs and Core Finisher As a finisher complete one round of each exercise one after the other for 1 minute followed by 10 second rest. Exercise List Burpee Kickouts Push Up Alternating Leg Raises Forward to Reverse Lunge Static Leg Raise Alternating Front Kicks and Knee Strikes Table Top Triceps Press Sprints Low Pulsating Squats High Plank Dynamic In and Outs Sprawls Exercise List Low Plank Leg Lifts Hip Thrusts High Side Plank Right High Side Plank Left Leg Raises Plank Oblique Tucks Right Plank Oblique Tuck Left Abs In and Outs

AT2 Lactic Acid Threshold Workout (Video)

You hear it everywhere… “It’s all about the afterburn effect” when it comes to burning the most fat from your workouts. Yet, there is one HUGE mistake most people make when it comes to metabolic workouts. They forget to take into account calories burned DURING the training session. You see, why JUST focus on the afterburn effect when you can focus on both calories burned during the workout AND after the workout? Don’t you think that would yield the best results? Of course it would. Well, good news. There is an easy way to make this happen. During your workout, the more lactic acid you can produce, the more fat you will burn not only DURING your workout … But AFTER as well. And the best way to do this is through what my friend, Dennis, calls “AT2″ or Anaerobic Threshold Training. Now I will warn you… these workouts are REALLY HARD … but they’re also BRUTALLY effective! AT2 forces your body to rapidly increase the production of lactic acid in your body which then forces your body to burn off stored sugars and fat as energy. So not only will you be burning more fat, you will also be preserving lean muscle. And this is of course the best way for you to train! Check out this quick workout I did yesterday! AT2 Workout Complete all reps before moving to the next! Complete this workout as quickly as possible. • Single Leg Burpee: 7 reps each leg • Clapping Pushups: 10 reps • Burpees: 6 reps each leg • Wide Grip Pushups: 10 reps • Single Leg Burpee: 5 reps each leg • Close Grip Pushups: 10 reps • Burpees: 4 reps each leg • Judo Pushups: 10 reps • Single Leg Burpee: 3 reps each leg • Staggered Pushups: 10 reps • Single Leg Burpee: 2 reps each leg • T-Push Ups 10 reps • Burpees: 1 reps each leg Workout Goal: Your goal is to beat your time each time you do this finisher. Funk Times – 7:40

TRX Training#1 Bodyweight Tool For Dramatically Improving Your “Physique” [New Video]

There’s a NEW form of exercise that’s becoming the functional bodyweight training system of choice. Well I wouldn’t call it new but it’s picking up a lot of steam. Its call Suspension Training and it’s on FIRE right now. This type of exercise gives you a HUGE edge over conventional resistance training. Let me explain why… Every single Suspension Training exercise builds true functional strength and improves flexibility, balance, and core stability, all at once, which is the recipe to a PAIN FREE life. Also, elite sports enthusiasts have made this type of training the GO-TO ultimate bodyweight training tool of choice. Elements of the modern training philosophy known as Suspension Training have existed for hundreds of years in numerous forms. From Roman and Spartan legions, to ancient Chinese acrobats, to Nineteenth century combat units, to early mountaineers… They were all masters of bodyweight training, but with no question today, gymnasts and technical rock climbers have become the modern day masters of this type of training. From mats to rocks, a variety of apparatuses have evolved from the lessons we have learned from the experiences that came before us. Hence… Suspension Training was born. The benefits are rapidly being embraced by everyone that seeks a method to safely and rapidly improve their fitness level. • Hollywood A-Listers are getting spectacular results. • Senior wellness programs are providing a safe, fearless way to exercise. • Physical therapist are rehabilitating patients • Sports medicine clinics are providing relief • Chiropractic Doctors are performing treatment • Best practice orthopedic maladies and sports-related injuries protocols Regardless of age, gender, or fitness level, Suspension can be used almost anywhere, anytime. Even in your own living room, garage, hotel room, or outside. Mostly all traditional types of training have limited constraints of where you have to train, with one plane of motion that confines you and your results. NOT anymore… Suspension allows you to travel anywhere in the world without a gym membership, with limitless variations of angles and planes of motion for ANY type of exercise. We should train like we LIVE and not like a robot with ONLY one single plane or isolated muscle at a time… Boring :( Whether you’re a mom or dad trying to shed those last few pounds on the go, or an athletic enthusiast looking for the next big cutting-edge game changer… Suspension Training is the new cutting-edge bodyweight holy grail of fat loss and lean muscle domination. ==> Get 191 Never Before Seen Exercises with 20 weeks of Workouts TRX WORKOUT Perform each exercise for 40 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds rest. Rest for 2 minutes and repeat for 4 rounds. Beginner to Moderate 1. TRX SQUAT 2. SINGLE LEG LUNGE (R) 3. SINGLE LEG LUNGE (L) 4. TRX CHEST PRESS 5. TRX HIGH ROWS 6. TRICEPS PRESS 7. TRX BICEP CURLS TRX Workout – Advanced Metabolic Circuit Perform each exercise for 40 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds rest. Rest for 2 minutes and repeat for 4 rounds. 1. Suspended Single Leg Plyo Lunges (R) 2. Suspended Single Leg Plyo Lunges (L) 3. Atomic Push Ups 4. Single Leg Squats (R) 5. Single Leg Squats (L) 6. Inverted Rows Get 191 Never Before Seen Exercises with 20 weeks of Workouts – CLICK HERE suspbundle2