March 16, 2015

Motivation Monday: The Road to Beauty!

I’m excited to bring something new for you today. One of the goals in my mission statement is to coach, motivate, inspire and help you reach your goals. Whether it’s through fitness, athletic performance or life in general, I want to do what I can to get you there. I want you to feel better about yourself! I want you to be 1% better then you were yesterday! I want you to achieve everything you want out of life! I want you to have the best week ever! So every Monday I am going to share a motivational/inspirational story, video or post to get you AMPED UP to take the journey to reaching your own goals. No selling, no promotion, no advertising, no gimmicks…just straight up motivation to help start your week on the right track, keep you on a positive path and heck you may learn something. Today, I want to talk about the Road of Ugly. I posted a 16 second video message on my Instagram page that I want you to quickly watch below.
Before you can ever reach success or goals that you have set, It’s gonna get UGLY. In fact you have to go down the Road of Ugly before you can reach beauty. What do I mean by that? Well, it’s gonna hurt, it’s gonna get uncomfortable, it’s gonna be hard work, it’ll be awkward, it will be painful, you’ll fall, it’ll be long, you may have moments or flashes of beauty but then it will go away and get ugly again, it may even temporarily break-you-down. BUT You have to persevere, you have work through it, you have to keep going! Most important… YOU HAVE TO BE EMBRACE AND ACCEPT THE UGLY. ACCEPT that this is the path you will have to take during your journey to reach your goals. Keep reminding yourself that it’s OK to get ugly because it’s part of the process. Once you accept and embrace ugly eventually things get smoother, easier, more confortable, prettier and that’s when you know you are closing in on your goal…BEAUTY! Also people that embrace ugly are more likely to achieve their goals, they are more likely to stay motivated during the process, they are more likely to tackle barriers head on. So… If you are a STUDENT studying for exams, you must embrace that fact that you’ll have sleepless nights, reading, memorizing, not going out with your friends…but on exam day when you get that A+…it’s BEAUTIFUL and it’s worth it! If you are at your JOB, working on a big project, you must embrace that the you may have pitfalls, you will have to work overtime or at home, your boss may not be happy at first, you will have to put your friends and family aside for a while…but when you finish the project and your Boss, colleagues and perhaps customer id elated with your results…it’s BEAUTIFUL and it’s worth it! If you are an ATHLETE training for a fight or competition, you must embrace the fact that training is going to be hard, you will get beat up, you will be frustrated with learning new techniques, your workouts will leave you broken, you may get little injuries, dieting and nutrition will suck, you will have to give up partying and friends for a while, you will have to do things you don’t want to do…but when competition day comes, win or lose…it’s BEAUTIFUL achievement and it’s worth it! If you are someone trying to LOSE WEIGHT, TRANSFORM YOUR BODY or GET HEALTHY, you will have to give up your comfort food, workouts are gonna suck, you will have cravings, you will be sore, you may not see immediate results, you will get frustrated, you will want to give up, you will sweat, it will hurt…but when you lose weight, when you build new muscle and burn off all the unwanted fat, when you are fit and healthy and when you feel BEAUTIFUL about yourself…it’s worth it. It’s a journey in life we all must take if we want to ACHIEVE OUR GOALS and improve as an overall person. You will learn how STRONG, SMART and RESILISENT you are. IT WILL BE WORTH IT! Lastly when you are on the Ugly Road, don’t be afraid to ask for help and support while you are heading down the road. That’s what your friends, family, trainers, coaches and I’m here for. But don’t get it twisted, no one will give you anything in this life, if you want something you have to work hard for it, embrace the ugly and #GetItDone! Have an awesome day! Your Friend and Coach Funk

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